This Women-Centric Library Is Smashing The Patriarchy One Book At A Time

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What Makes It Awesome

Our society is sure a patriarchal one with women being constantly told what they should do, wear and how they should live. To break these barriers and help women rewrite ‘herstory’, Krittika and Ritwija from Jadavpur University  started a women’s library in Sheoraphuli by crowd-sourcing books and funds from different cities and countries.

With over 50 books written by, for and about women, Meyeder Library is currently a read-only one covering a wide range of topics like origins of patriarchy, history of women, female voices and perspectives, female sexuality, sexism and oppression of women. They also hold discussions and debates on feminism, female anatomy, atrocities against women across the globe, menstrual hygiene, consent, polyamoury, societal taboos and ways to dismantle patriarchy besides screening films on and by women and celebrating music and art from the feminist perspective. 

Women empowerment can only happen if both genders work together, which is why the library is open to all to facilitate reading and exchange of ideas and opinions between men and women, something that the girls feel is important especially in the backdrop of the recent MeToo movement that’s taken the world by storm. 

The library is open only on Sundays from 12 pm to 5 pm. Film screenings and discussions are held from 4 pm onwards. You can also contribute to the library. Just send them books or money (INR 100 minimum). That way, you earn a membership and can borrow books. The library has already received an awesome response since it was shared on Facebook. People from countries like Slovenia have also contributed to help them grow! 

The girls want patriarchy to exist just as an “artifact of history” at a “futuristic museum”. We, for sure, agree!


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