If Only There Was A Home For Beef Dishes, It Is This Restaurant

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There is an emotion connected to Nafeel, an old-world charm restaurant in Park Circus, belting out dishes dedicated to beef.

What Makes It Awesome

A somewhat reluctant affinity can be seen towards one meat when it comes to Indians. But people of Kolkata only know how to satiate their gluttony when it comes to beef dishes. This seemingly unattractive place won't encourage you much to undertake this gastronomical dive but once you've scanned through their menu, you won't think twice before ordering to your heart's content.

The interiors of the eatery is still as basic as the bronze age (exaggeration folks!), and just have tables and chairs which, after a point of time, seem enough to address your comfort. Nafeel sells beef biryani for INR 80. That's as cheap as it gets and you will mostly get boneless, succulent pieces of meat to relish the biryani. Try their beef khichdi for INR 75, which by the way, is only available on Fridays.

They have a wide range of beef curries such as beef white stew, beef rezala, beef dal gosht and beef bhuna among others. We would recommend trying their beef korma -- made with the correct amount of spice -- with parathas. The parathas cannot get any crispier and makes them the perfect companion for the korma. The korma will come for INR 55 and you can get five parathas for INR 50. And ta-da! Your hundred-rupee-meal is sorted!


The best way to enjoy Nafeel is to pick up their signature roll. What better way to experience it than to gorge on their beef roll for just INR 20!