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Have You been To Shim Shim, The Joint With Beef Dishes Worth Sinning Over?

Raisa posted on 12 April


It’s time to break all the rules: Shim Shim has so many beef dishes that have us drooling! Rock bottom prices, so many beef options and great Tibetan and Himalayan grub, Shim Shim is where we’re going to be hogging when we’re broke at the end of the month {and when we’re craving beef!}. From the same people who brought us Blue Poppy, this genius eatery is what Kolkata really needed. You need to head there, no excuses! Grab the squad {the more who go, the more options you can order!} and get ready to beef up.

What Makes It Awesome

Located in a lane off Park Circus, this tiny, simple eatery has major Tibetan and Himalayan vibes – a wooden and red theme running through the room with pictures of the Hills, the Dalai Lama and more adorning the walls. With all our regular favs on the menu – thukpa, phalay, momos, chow and fried rice – you’re sure to walk out with a happy belly. What’s the USP of Shim Shim? They have so many beef dishes you’ll be totally confused as to what to order.

You absolutely cannot miss out on the beef kothay – steamed momos stuffed with beef and lightly pan fried on one side – it’s crispy, light, juicy, deliciousness. The beef phalay is another must try. A fried Tibetan pancake, it’s stuffed with beef and is a simple crispy delight. For something more substantial. The beef mince noodles are everything you need. A big bowl of hakka noodles with a strong kick of pepper, it’s a bowl of happiness. Chilli beef and thukpa are some of the other options worth tryi9ng here.

The struggle of most quick service eateries is getting a good dessert but that’s not the case here. The banana Nutella crispy pancakes taste as good as they sound.

Prices start as low as INR 80 {yes, you heard that right!} and go up to about INR 200. A meal for two won’t set you back more than INR 400. 

What Could Be Better

The shutters may be down but don’t be disheartened – they are still open! It’s a little complicated to get there but Google Maps will have you covered. We recommend entering the lane from the main Ballygunge road rather than through Bright Street where the lane is sometimes blocked for repair and can be extremely narrow in some areas. There’s no parking in the area so take public transport unless you park in Quest and walk the short distance.

Pro Tip

They serve lunch and dinner every day except the last Sunday of the month. 31A Bright street is where you’ll find this tiny quick service joint. They haven’t started delivery yet but we’ve got our fingers crossed that Swiggy will be our delivery saviors starting next week.

If you’re adventuring solo into the eatery, they have an individual meal bowls which have the options of rice or noodles with a side dish. The portions of the other dishes are very generous so make sure to carry your appetite with you.

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