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With A New Decade Having Started, Let's Take You Through The Health Trends Of 2020

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This new year marks the beginning of a new decade, and keeping that in mind, we spoke to Prosenjit Biswas, Fitness Manager, and Saloni Surana, in-house Nutritionist, Skulpt, and charted out health trends of the year for all you fitness conscious folks. But this is also a chance for people who are not into fitness, to get in the act.

Wearable Technology

People are getting increasingly trendy and tech savvy and wearing a band can help one track their steps and count calories that are burnt each day. These can inspire friends to partner up on the apps, motivate each other, set goals and track each other. The Apple Watch and Fitbit are the most popular, amongst the other watch brands. You can get these watches at the Imagine stores and Croma stores.


Pilates is a low intensity resistance movement targeting the core muscles. What sets this form of exercise apart is the use of springs, bands, or one’s own body weight for toning muscles. You can head to Solace Day Spa & Wellness Centre for a session of pilates and show off your ghagra-choli with confidence afterwards.

Equipment Free Workout

Want an alternative to traditional workout? Biswas says there are several ways, which include workouts with free weights and without machines. Other wildly popular workouts that are effective are high intensity interval training or HIIT (Tabata, for instance), Zumba and various forms of outdoor workouts (morning run, brisk walk in the evening, cycling, boot camps). Join Skulpt if you want to opt for equipment free workout.

Paleo Diet

Paleo diet focuses solely on fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts, lean meat, fish and unprocessed oil. Saloni suggests it is better to avoid grains, legumes, dairy, processed food, salt and processed sugar. It would help with weight loss, reduced appetite, controlled sugar levels and blood pressure. Stop thinking and pick up all your ammunition from Nature's Basket in Park Street.

Vegan Lifestyle

You need to avoid all the products that are derived from an animal like meat, eggs and all the dairy products. Instead, focus on having fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. What's even better? Vegan lifestyle can reduce cardiovascular risk, and the risk of diabetes. Ubuntu Community Eat.Live.Share, the city's first 100 per cent vegan cafe, will surely be able to help you.

Gluten-Free Diet

Avoid anything that has wheat, rye and barley. Saloni says a gluten-free diet helps reduce body fat stores and bloating. You can go to Piccadilly Square or Fab Cafe to meet your gluten-free cravings.