Lamps, Shelves, Showpieces: This Brand's Upcycled Home Accessories Has Our Heart

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What Makes It Awesome

Niche Studio is this kickass brand that makes home decor accessories using upcycled materials. Their upscale pieces are unique, beautifully crafted and designed to give your home an unconventional yet modern look.

Find a wide range of lamps, shelves, hangers, showpieces, wall mounts, holders and trays that won't burn a hole in your pockets. Our favourite picks? The Pine Lamp which is made of wood with the light encased in a strong and beautifully carved spiralling pine. Almost like art, this would make for a great addition to that boring side table in your room. The Roped Lamp is another favourite where the light is safely wrapped with a rugged rope held by sturdy solid pine wood. 

Bored of the same old shelves and racks? Opt for The Hanging Wood for a vintage-y look. This leather strap wooden shelf has been made using a wooden hanger and the leather belts give it a rugged grip. Their idea of using unconventional props that work well with timber and can give a unique look and feel to your space. I also loved the set of round trays (for a sophisticated look) available in different sizes and pine hangers that can hold accessories, coats, fabrics as well as wall art.

Prices start at INR 700


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