We Are Bringing Desi Back With This Home Baker's Kulfis To Sizzle This Summer

    New Alipore, Kolkata

    What Makes It Awesome

    Swap the cone for the matka and get in line for a desi dessert coma. This home chef from New Alipore is giving kulfis a serious makeover and this summer we plan to cool it off with them. Move over ice cream sandwiches, gelatos and alcohol ice cream. We are bringing desi back, and home chef Avirup Bandhu Guha's range of homemade kulfi's, Noel's Kulfi, is making it easy for us.

    The humble kulfi is no longer humble because this home chef is amping up its style with an incredible range of flavours. Basic is boring - so, no kesar pista or badam to go by. Instead, grab a spoon and start digging into thandai, coffee, salted caramel, gur, anjeer, apple, paan, white chocolate and other flavours. A former junior sous chef with Fortune and Mayfair Hotels, Avirup has been reincarnating kulfis with natural fruit pulps and flavours. Keeping up with desi smartness, he is also serving the kulfis in earthen matkas.

    The best bet this summer would be to obviously pick the mango and tender coconut ones, but don't stop yourself from going crazy with the masala tea or dark chocolate flavours. Priced at INR 65 each, you can place your orders a day before. For bulk orders a minimum order of 30 pieces must be placed.

    What Could Be Better

    Home delivery is available only around New Alipore. Rest us will have to drop by to pick up the orders, but don't worry about melty kulfis because they are good to go one hour without the freezer.
      New Alipore, Kolkata