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Order These Heavenly Sandwiches At Home!

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What Makes It Awesome?

The lockdown period is nearly coming to an end and we have to adjust with the new normal. Every industry is starting slowly by keeping in mind all the rules and regulations. Keeping all these in mind, a few days back, I received few sandwiches and Pepsi from Food Peddler which were properly packed. The packing was nicely done, the sandwiches were covered with plastic cellophanes and then kept inside a nicely covered box and the Pepsi can was also covered with cellophanes. They maintain all the hygiene and safety measures.

Food peddler is a cloud kitchen, known for its speciality in making sandwiches. Their sandwiches are really heavy and very tasty. They have various types of sandwiches.

Coming to the sandwiches I had:
• Tandoori Paneer Sandwich- When the smokey flavours of Indian spices infused with the velvety texture of cottage cheese, be a vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you will surely fall in love with paneer. The elements used in this sandwich was paneer, onions, mayonnaise, chilli, coriander, Indian spices, salt and of course white bread.

• 7 Veggie Sandwich- Delicate mixture of seven zesty vegetables which are capsicum, onion, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, tomato and coriander, balanced with creamy mayo and flavourful herbs. I am a person who hates to have veggies but loved the fusion of these seven veggies along with mayo.

• Egg Mayo Sandwich- The combination of egg, mayonnaise and bread form a perfect kind of sandwich, since ages. When the eggs are smashed into quite a small piece and blended with creamy mayonnaise, it becomes bliss. The triple-layered sandwich with these smashed egg blended with mayonnaise along with a pinch of mustard was my favourite.

• Bombay Masala Sandwich- Most of us love to have the typical, spicy, Bombay street food, especially the Vada pav. This sandwich was an upgraded version of Vada pav, where the spicy preparation of mashed potatoes was filled inside the bread along with tomatoes and onions.

• Chicken Mayo Sandwich- The word chicken brings a different level of joy in my head. This sandwich is suitable for people of any age group as it was very light as well as tasty. The main elements in this one were chicken, onions and mayonnaise.

• Chocolate Sandwich- This will serve as a dessert sandwich which you must have if you are ordering from this place. You will feel paradise when the double layers of chocolate melt into your mouth.