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Hey Kolkata! You Have Got To Try These Biryanis

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What Makes It Awesome?

Haan D Biryani - a cloud kitchen has been consistently dishing out one of the best Biryani in town currently for the past one year or more and they seem to be getting even better with time - I can vouch for that statement from my own firsthand experience today when I had the pleasure of trying out their menu for the second time after a gap of almost 7 months if not more.

* Mutton Shaami Kabab Bhurji was one of it's kind - the delicacy just elevated the taste of a standalone Shaami kabab to a different high altogether - you have to try it yourself to understand that experience.

* Chicken Chaap was at it's finest quality - what texture and aroma - one bite and your tastebuds are treated to a burst of flavours - pure gastronomical bliss

* Mutton Biryani - I am extremely finicky about my #Biryani hence I am a tough nut to crack in this regard but their Biryani seemed to tick all the right boxes yet again making me fall in love with their culinary creations, even more, this time - a perfect balance between Gila & dryness - the huge mutton pieces (I got the special version which is good enough to feed two hungry souls with two pieces of meat, one enormous aloo and an egg along with a truckload of Biryani rice) had an ideal melt in the mouth tenderness about them with a perfect aroma making you hungry even before you unpack the delicacy.

Pricing is pretty economical and packaging is excellent, to say the least.

A journey of an Epicurean Cine Trotter continues.