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Porridge To Caffeine-Free Tea: Buy Easy To Cook Mixes From Nutribud Foods

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Nutribud Foods

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What Makes It Awesome

Looking for healthy mixes that are also easy to cook? Then, check out Nutribud Foods.

The brand works with carefully crafted traditional recipes to create mixes that are free from preservatives, artificial additives, sugar and salt besides being super easy to cook. Also, find vegan, gluten and caffeine free options if that's what you prefer. The Raw Banana Powder, for one, is rich in fibre, has a mild taste and flavour and is a healthy option for kids and adults alike. Just five minutes and you can use it to make cakes, cookies, pancakes and more for your little one or yourself. 

Another one we'd recommend is the Sprouted Ragi and Cardamom Porridge Mix - it's gluten free and rich in nutrients, fibre and protein making it easy to digest. There's a ragi and banana flavoured option available too. Momma's Tea is perfect for lactating mothers. It's a beautiful blend of herbs like nettle, shatavari, fennel, fenugreek, ginger among others besides being caffeine-free. 

Prices start at INR 245.


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