This Fun Co-Working Space In Dalhousie Offers A Free Trial On The First Day

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What Makes It Awesome

Nwook is an air-conditioned comfortable co-working space in Dalhousie, where you can work, study, meet or teach. What’s awesome? You don’t have to make any commitment – you can use it a for a few minutes, an hour or the whole day! They currently have two more spaces in Bhowanipore and Salt Lake Sector 5.

This Nwook space is going to be one of the coolest ones yet. The hourly rentals start at INR 40 but you’re only charged for the exact amount of time you spend there. If you’re there for 52 minutes, you only pay for the 52 minutes!

They offer torkspaces (that come with Wi-Fi and hot beverages per hour!), study seats and rooms (no Wi-Fi or beverage), work rooms (multi-seater rooms for when the squad needs to do a group project, includes Wi-Fi and hot beverages) and study rooms (multi-seater rooms not including Wi-Fi and hot beverages).


Are you a freelancer and don’t have a workspace? Do you work with an NGO? Have you just opened your own start-up? Student looking to study and score some points? This is where you need to be to meet the coolest people in Kolkata. If you’re looking for a co-working space, get in touch with them ASAP!