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    Upgrade your t-shirt collection with quirky printed ones from Offbeat Pondy.

    Based out of Pondicherry, Offbeat Pondy stocks cotton t-shirts and reusable masks for men, women and kids with fun, quirky quotes and graphics printed on them. Whether it's catchy, inspirational and spiritual stuff or taking a stand on the political scenario in the country, Offbeat does it all and in style. 

    Remember the time when prices of onions were through the roof? Yep. They came up with themed tees with fun quotes like 'The Best Gift I Got - A Bag Full Of Onions' and 'In The Good Old Days, Onions Made You Cry. Now It Is Their Prices'. They also launched a t-shirt on the Citizenship Amendment Bill with a quote that read - 'To Amend Myself, I Need A Will Not A Bill'. With themes revolving around science, food, 'Babaji Ki Booti', cricket, spirituality, festivals, environment and the media, Offbeat Pondy's tees are worth buying.

    They're also selling washable and reusable masks with fun prints on them - Moustache, Bolti Band, Door Se Darshan, Virtual Hug and doughnuts to name a few.

    What Could Be Better

    The brand also stocks a wide range of mugs, fridge magnets, handbags, cushion covers, keychains and souvenirs. But none of it is updated on their website or social media. We hope that happens soon.


    Hit them up on their Facebook page or call on +91 9655300973 for deets.

      Available Online