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Enjoy The Authentic South Indian Delicacies At Madras Restaurant!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Would love to talk about one of the oldest & my one of my favourite SouthIndian restaurant in the city today - talking about MadrasRestaurant on CRAvenue which was founded way back in 1939 - a simple restaurant where one has nothing else to talk about but the delicious & authentic food on offer at unbelievably economical pricing even today..

Walked in hereafter ages a couple of days ago for lunch with a mom who was reminiscing her quick lunch dates out here with dad in the late eighties where the bill used to touch 5 to 7 rupees max for a Masala Dosa & Idli - can you believe that

This place is currently owned by a South Indian family who also owns the Udupi outlet across the road - the original South Indian owners who founded the restaurant are no more a part of the management these days.. This place always hustles and bustles with office crowd but now they are struggling to make ends meet unfortunately because of this COVID situation - let's hope another iconic joint doesn't shut down.. Please walk in and enjoy a meal whenever you are around.. In today's job-hopping world - it's so enriching to find most of their staff working for more than 35 years at this same restaurant.

We enjoyed GheeIdli (freshly made - melt in the mouth idlis), MeduVada (the best & crispy yet soft vadas that I have tasted till date in the city - reminded me of my Mumbai days where I use to get this taste more frequently even from roadside vendors), MasalaDosa & my favourite GheeButterOnionSadaDosa - the coconut chutney served with these delicacies is truly mind-blowing to say the least..

As a footnote, let me also talk about my personal views about AnandRestaurant (which is relevant out here because it's also a pretty well known South Indian restaurant just a couple of buildings away) as well - the more upmarket South Indian restaurant nearby - they were always grossly overpriced but at least they offered quality food on the table but off-late in the past couple of years I have realised through 3 to 4 visits that their quality has deteriorated drastically yet they are still grossly overpriced - I would suggest everyone to opt for Madras anyday if you are looking for good South Indian meal in that vicinity rather than just a great ambience)