Stay Home, Stay Fashionable: Hit Up These Online Brands For The Best In Clothes

With Covid 19 keeping you home, there's no way you can go out to shop (at least for a few weeks!). But, hey, that doesn't mean that you can't indulge in shopping at all. Hit up these online brands for a wide variety of clothes - tees, dresses, kurtas and so much more. There's stuff for your kids too!

Howrah Bridge

Howrah Bridge offers a wide range of dresses, jackets, tops, pants, blouses and handmade accessories. Check out their Tribal Tales range - a marriage of handwoven jacquards and tribal patterns. They also have long jackets to modify any look and turn it into fusion wear. Watch out for their 100% cotton LBDs in applique patches and ikat prints, to give a different touch to your black dress. Prices start at INR 500.


Vibrant, cheerful, folksy with a dash of popular culture - that’s AFolkStore for you. Their artists revel in exploring the beauty of varied Indian art forms in creating modern, global-inspired art using traditional styles such as tribal, Patachitra, Madhubani, Rajasthani folk and some lost arts of India. The Aamar Sahar (My City) series of t-shirts with most popular landmarks of Kolkata in a unique doodle format is worth a dekko. These graphic tees represent the theme of folk mannerisms, the society, the culture of Bengal and its antiquity.

Sarto Label

Go minimal with Sarto Label's range of shirts and t-shirts for both men and women. They design their clothes with unique but minimal prints, starting from embroidery to patchwork to badges. We like the 'Panda with a gun', 'fries before guys', and the quoted ones such as 'always late but worth the wait' and 'my diet starts tomorrow'.


Take a break from the usual cottons and go for western wear made of khadi. InKhadi does beautiful casual yet statement pieces made of this indigenous fabric and we sure can't get enough of it. Tops, pants, dresses, kurtas and sets, this brand does it all. Watch out for the red off-shoulder top made of organic cotton and the white and dusty brown top-bottom set. 


Naksh stocks a super creative collection of printed sarees, stoles, blouses and kurtas for men - all of it made in handspun cotton, silk and chanderi perfect for casual, office or occasion wear. The designs are inspired by the city’s culture, music, movies, nature and love for the one and only Rabindranath Tagore. Basically, everything that makes you happy and that you identify with - from your childhood memories and matribhasha (mother tongue) to your hobbies and ideologies.


Are you the archetypal Bong who swears by tea, football and adda and hero worships Feluda and Robi Thakur? Then you must check out TeeGully that has the coolest and quirkiest collection of graphic t-shirts sporting catchy Bong slogans and one-liners. We came across funky t-shirts featuring icons like Satyajit Ray, Rabindranath Tagore and some of our favourite movie characters like Feluda, Jatayu and Apu Durga from Pather Panchali. We literally went ROFL on spotting tees with Bengali colloquial one-liners like Ghorar Dim, Bamboo Hoe Geche, Hathe Hurricane and Eat, Ghum, Repeat. 

2 8 o 1 Studio

Check out 2 8 o 1 Studio for handwoven and handcrafted apparel for both men and women. Born straight out of the loom, the label’s products are handmade and specially woven by Eepsita’s (owner) team of weavers. They do dresses, overlayers and tops for women while men can get their hands on shirts, blazers and waistcoats - all of it made of handwoven cotton and silk cotton and hand-spun khadi. The embroidery (kantha and French knots) is also done only by hand. Eepsita believes in recognising the artisans for the hard work they put in which is why you’ll find the initials of the particular artisan who created that masterpiece stitched as part of the embroidery done on the apparel.


This brand is where you should shop from if handcrafted stuff is your thing. Bunosilo stocks a beautiful and unique collection of handcrafted apparel for men, women and children. Best part? All of it can be customised and personalised just the way you like it - size, colour, length and the silhouette of the garments that suits you. You can even get your name stitched on it! From shirt dresses and breezy tunics to shawls and stoles, all of it is natural and handmade by rural artisans. we can't get over how cute and adorable the ethnic wear (think kurtis, dhoti, waistcoats, kurta pants) and night-suit range for kids is! 

Yachna Rizal

Yachna Rizal brings together the diverse Nepali culture and contemporary silhouettes fused with Indian influences to create modern ethnic designs for all age groups. Dresses, shirts, tops, pants, kurtis, sarees and jackets - the brand does it all and how! Yachna’s clothing finds influences from Nepali ethnic, tribal and social communities, art, folklore, music and literature as well as life in the mountains of Kalimpong, a town in the Himalayan foothills where she was born. She uses dhaka - a Nepali handwoven fabric - as the base for all her designs and blends them with south Indian and Banarasi silk and modern fabrics. She also works with linen and Eri or Ahimsa silk - a sustainable fabric found in the Northeast. 

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Yachna Rizal

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