Love To Write? Sign Up For These Super Fun Creative Writing Workshops By Pen Paper Dreams

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What Makes It Awesome

This one is for all you aspiring writers out there! Amanda Sodhi of Pen Paper Dreams is organising creative writing workshops online and it's the perfect if you want to rekindle your literary senses and improve your writing skills. 

Pen Paper Dreams helps people express themselves through art and creativity. It could be anything - writing, reading, poetry, open mic sessions, quilling or reviews. Amanda, who is herself a singer, songwriter and filmmaker, believes in healing through creative self-expression and her initiative is an extension of just that, which is why she's trying to make the lockdown fun, creative and interesting for all you folks out there.

Register for some super fun creative writing workshops like Prompt-A-Day Series where you receive a different creative writing prompt (poetry, description, observation skills, dialogue, photo prompts, micro fiction, short stories, personal narrative, fantasy fiction and other things) on your email every day until the lockdown. 

Then, there's a crash course that covers creative writing, poetry (in several formats like cinquains, haikus, diamante, ABC, limericks and more) and content writing for entrepreneurs and bloggers. Looking for something for your little one? Worry not because Amanda has that sorted too! There's a creative writing workshop for kids too on the weekends that will cover photo prompts, letter writing, short stories, personal narrative, poetry, individual and group exercises.

There's lots you can do! Check out Pen Paper Dreams today!


Drop a mail to Pen Paper Dreams at for deets, fee structure and registrations. You can also drop a message on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Amanda also conducts workshops in schools, lit fests, cafes and co-working spaces. So, if you wish to host one, you know what to do (once the lockdown is over obviously!).