These Online Toy Libraries Will Send New Toys Every Week To Make Your Kids Happy

Parents, lets face it, we need an online toy library now more than ever! With kids at home and cities under lockdown, buying new toys to keep the tiny ones engaged is not an option. Enter to the rescue, toy libraries that will deliver new toys at your doorstep every once in a while and pick up the ones your kids are bored of. 


Whether you have an infant or a pre-teen at home, Rentoys has a box of open-ended toys and books that you can subscribe to every month. Choose from the different plans on offer, add toys or books to your wishlist from their collection. They will then ship the selected toys/books as per availability and the selected plan. After a month, they will arrange a return pick-up of the box from your doorstep and send you a new box with toys/books from your wishlist. Convenient, right? If you are worried about how clean these toys and books are, don’t! Rentoys sanitizes and cleans all the toys with a 3-step process using eco-friendly and kid-friendly solutions. Plastic toys are cleaned thoroughly at high temperatures with steam inside and out. If you still want to be sure before you subscribe, get the 7-day trial box without paying any deposit.


Khilonewala brings to mind the image of a man in the neighbourhood carrying a long stick with a variety of toys hanging from it. Khilonewala is an online toy library that does just that, bringing kids their favourite toys, at your doorstep. Choose from an amazing variety of toys, board games and books from national and international brands. Start by calling them for a free demo. If you like what you get then choose a membership plan, make a wishlist of items from their online catalogue as per your child’s age and preferences. Let your kids enjoy their new toys for either two weeks or as long as they want. Return the old ones to Khilonewala and get your new set. Besides cleaning and sanitizing, they also ensure that toys with sharp edges or ones that make loud or shrill voice are not included. 

Friendly Toyz

Save yourself the hassle of organising and storing toys your kids have got bored of. Register with Friendly Toyz, choose from a wide range of toys, books, puzzles & more to create your wishlist. Its an opportunity to plan a great mix of toys for your kid instead of buying impulsively from the market. Just sit back, relax and receive toys at your doorstep every week. Let them play, learn & then return! Teach your child something new every week with different toys. Bulky toys take up a lot of space and can get quite expensive! Now you can rent them from Friendly Toyz for a few weeks at a fraction of the cost! Check out the Big Toys on Rent tab on their website. The fun doesn't end here. They also have a vast 'Only books' library for your tiny tots. Presently, they only offer services in Delhi/NCR, Kolkata and Hyderabad. 

My Khilona

Born out of a simple idea - why buy toys when you can rent them? - My Khilona, in addition to toys, also provide books, puzzles, games, flashcards, charts, CDs and worksheets to aid the complete development of your child. They follow a point system. Every item in their collection is worth a certain points. When you select a plan, you get those number of points in your account. You can then use these points to order the items of your choice. Extra points can be purchased by way of top-ups. You can even carry forward your points from one plan to another. Best part? There is no time-limit for retaining the toys, let your kids play for as long as they want to without the hassle of returning on time. All their toys are made of non-toxic material and sanitized after every use. 

Toys Toys

Children outgrow or get tired of toys very fast. So keeping them happy and engaged with newer toys and books on a regular basis becomes unpractical. Toys Toys provides toys, books, CDs, puzzles, games for recreational and educational purposes for kids from 0 to 12 years of age. Toys Toys offer a lot of subscription plans but they do charge a one-time registration fee as well as a refundable security deposit for any damages that may happen. You can also buy new toys from their website at rates that are much lesser than the market price.