Boys Might Need A Separate Closet For Shoes If You Buy Sneakers From This Brand

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Mr. Shoes

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First things first. If you are a sneakerhead you need to check out Mr. Shoes. If you are not a sneakerhead, you still need to check out this brand's website for its insanely trendy and up-to-date collection of sneakers. Mr. Shoes offers sneakers which are typically seen in the hip-hop and pop music videos worn by popstars such as Drake, Justin Bieber, Eminem, Post Malone, Logic and the likes. People certainly like to take fashion inspiration from K-Pop artists. And if you are someone who follows BTS stars like Jungkook, RM and Suga, Mr. Shoes' sneaker collection can offer you those kind of insane designs!

We spotted an Autumn men's flying weaving sneakers, which is a Korean version of coconut white board shoes, and it can certainly add a different dimension to your casual outfit. Want something more utilitarian? Go for the grey lightweight shoes with stretch breathable mesh and keep it for separately for running or workout purposes. They have also introduced a Basketball sneakers that come with an anti-skid build and have an air-cushion support. They also have the more plain and simplistic white PU leather lace-up sneakers that are great for causal hangouts. 

A white Korean blade slip-on sneaker with non-slip light shock absorbers can be a jewel in your shoedrobe, worth cherishing. It can accentuate the overall look of any bottomwear one is wearing -- be it joggers, jeans, shorts or even casual trousers for that matter! Well, now the boys know that instead of running behind the big names, just hit up this website to pacify the sneakerhead in you. And as crazy as it may sound, but you can get a sneaker within a budget of INR 2,000 too!