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Park Street Has A Cool New Bookstore With A Cat Theme

Sayani posted on 03 April

Ten-Second Takeaway

Did you spot the new feather Park Street added to its already fancy hat? No, we are not talking of Hard Rock or Starbucks, but this quaint and quirky little bookstore we spotted a few yards down.

Cat In A Bookstore

We are a city of bibliophiles who can’t get enough of books. So it’s absolutely legit to be excited about spotting a brand new bookstore, that too in the heart of the city. Binghsha Shatabdi {as this new place is called} is just a month old and its book collection has already made us swoon.

If we are to describe the store, then trust us when we say that it is a trap door to a different world. The well-placed and well-stocked shelves might reel you in, but you can’t avoid the cat that watches you, scattered across the walls. On one wall, it instructs you to pick up a book {in German!}.

Schrodinger’s reality blurring cat, you think?

Placed throughout the shop are cosy tables and chairs where you can plonk down with a book, flip through and figure out if you want to buy it.


Vernacular And French Books

While you will get all sorts of books in this store {they are still adding stock}, it is the large collection of Bengali and French books are a thing that has us completely hooked. From Tintin to Tenida, Shirshendu to Sharadindu — the list is long and satisfying {we especially loved the Bengali comics section and the YA section}.

The French books are no less in numbers. From novellas to dictionaries and non-fiction tomes, they have it all. So all you people who are learning French, here’s a bookstore you can definitely visit.

Cafe Up Ahead

What’s a bookstore if you can’t sit around with a cup of coffee or tea and books to browse? We were happy to learn that Bingsha Shatabdi will soon introduce a café.

So wait no more and head to Bingsha Shatabdi where the cat comes prowling after you.

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Shop 75-C, R.J.C. Bose Road, Park Street, Mullick Bazar, Taltala, Kolkata

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Bingsha Shatabdi