Pick Up Unique Wooden Sondesh Moulds From These Old Kolkata Shops

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What Makes It Awesome

It's a truth widely known that Bengalis love their mishti. And one of their fave sweets is sondesh. This popular dry variety comes in many avtaars and shapes and sizes, some of the most popular are the classic conch shell shape, the custard apple shape and the fish. Ever wondered where you can find the moulds for these? We came across shops in Chitpur selling gorgeous, handcarved wooden moulds . The shopkeepers say the black terracotta moulds have become rare.  They have these huge butterfly moulds that are specially made for weddings and special occasions. Some of the shops sell the entire range of tools required for the Bengali sweetmeat trade - like the barkosh which are giant wooden platters and huge wooden paddles that are used to stir kheer or chhaana (homemade paneer) and more. We picked up quite a few moulds and will be using them to make all kinds of things - including cookies, pies and also use them as DIY decor! 

We were told the shops are slowly shutting down as plastic and silicon moulds from India and China infiltrate the market - if this craft disappears, it will be a huge loss for sure. The beauty of a handcarved wooden mould can't be substituted. 


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