Chocolates, Cakes, Cupcakes: Hit Up These Online Places For All Your Dessert Cravings

These home bakers are spreading the love through baked goods and they have the perfect treats that you need to indulge in.

3B's Gourmet Food

Bijoyini, the owner, does homemade chocolate, cookies, cakes, tarts, cupcakes, cheesecakes, Tiramisu and brownies. Best part? Bijoyini makes alcohol-infused desserts too! We tried a chocolate cake infused with whiskey and a Lime and Gin Cheesecake - they were so good that we wanted to have more of it! You must also try the lemon meringue pie. Health freak? Then, go for the energy bars, oats cookies and low-fat desserts. She also does keto-friendly meals if that's what you prefer.

Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender is the baby of Urvashi Shivnani, a self-taught baker, who ranked third in Kitchenaid India’s All India Competition for Home Bakers. She is experimental with her baking skills and loves to try out different varieties and unique designs. Watch out for the assorted goodie boxes with classic treats like cookies, cupcakes, profiteroles and brownies.


For desserts, they do tiramisu, devil’s food cake and cheesecakes. If you want some snacks for a tea party, order in a blueberry crumble cake, a lemon cake, her chocolate & almond cake or the Baileys brownies!

Home Bakers


8-C, Queen's Park, Queens's Court, Ballygunge, Kolkata


Whisk - Home Made Treats

These guys make healthy treats that are tasty as well as rich in nutrients. They use fresh and natural ingredients to make sinful desserts like cakes, muffins, puddings, loafs, cookies, cupcakes, tea cakes and more.

Crafted Cacao

Crafted Cacao has an exclusive range of hand crafted gourmet chocolates, made using artisan techniques. Their chocolates bring charm, elegance and smiles to all those special moments in your life that call for a celebration. What’s more? Crafted Cacao ensures that each chocolate is handcrafted under personally supervised conditions, using the finest ingredients, handpicked by their Master Chocolatier.

The Petite Baker

We can’t stop raving about the Petite Baker’s cute cakesicles! She even makes them with messages on them and in flavours varying from chocolate vanilla to truffle. And you can order hampers which have an assortment of cookies, teacakes, cakesicles, dry cakes. If you already have something specific that you want, she is ready to bake cupcakes or cakes according to your order as well. With a small delivery fee, she will deliver your order to your doorstep!

Crumb Affair

Haven’t we all fantasised about biting into perfect macarons, those delectable French desserts that we often see on Insta and in movies? Home bakers Radhika Binani and Shreesti Agarwal will fulfil those wishes with the hand-painted macarons they dish out from their bakery, Crumb Affair. They use edible food paint with almond extract or water to paint the macaron shells. And it definitely adds a whole lotta wow factor! From basic colour splatters to colourful floral designs and even cartoon characters, you can choose from a number of designs. Choose your design, flavour and colour and you have something to gift for special occasions. 

Noel's Kulfi

Swap the cone for the matka and get in line for a desi dessert coma. This home chef from New Alipore is giving kulfis a serious makeover. Move over ice cream sandwiches, gelatos and alcohol ice cream. Home chef Avirup Bandhu Guha's range of homemade kulfi's, Noel's Kulfi, is making it easy for with an incredible range of flavours. Basic is boring - so, no kesar pista or badam to go by. Instead, grab a spoon and start digging into thandai, coffee, salted caramel, gur, anjeer, apple, paan, white chocolate and other flavours. Avirup has been reincarnating kulfis with natural fruit pulps and flavours. Keeping up with desi smartness, he is also serving the kulfis in earthen matkas.

Morsel Bakery

Get fabulous home-made treats made to perfection with meticulous detailing and fresh and pure ingredients. Banoffee tarts to cherry gateau, Mediterranean quiches and buckwheat crepes, the menu packs some amazing, decadent European treats. A few suggestions from our side - try the bundt teacakes that are perfect for high tea, and their new artisanal flavours (chai-spiced carrot cake or lemon cake with chocolate rose ganache). The baked goodies are available mostly in packs of four and six.

Shuktara Cakes

If you have been to Sienna Cafe, you would have enjoyed the delicious mini pastries that come with the coffees. Only, they aren’t ‘pastries’ but financiers and madeleines. They are made by Shuktara Cakes, a bakery in Behala which was started by a charity that provides care in a home environment to children and adults with disabilities who have been orphaned or abandoned. We highly recommend the mosambi poppy seed and the ginger, cinnamon and walnut cakes. They also have eggless varieties.

Messy Kitchen

This one boasts of gluten, sugar, dairy and oil free options - fitness freaks, are you listening?