Fries Before Guys: Go To These Places In Kolkata For All Your Cheesy Fries Fantasies

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Hot and crispy fries topped with the choicest ingredients – cheesy, bacon-topped, or with chicken bits, we scoured the city for the best fries because every day is fryday!


They have bacon and cheese-loaded French fries and they are everything our hearts ever desired! At INR 280, they might burn a hole in your pocket but can you really put a price on happiness? Seriously sinful, the portion is enough to share {that is, if you really want to share something as good as this!}. For those obsessed with crispy bacon and melted cheese, you should not miss out on this plate of heaven. Pork lovers, if you’re up for a little experimentation, the Pulled Pork-loaded French fries are also delish.

Crossroad Café

Missing your annual international vacation? Get a feel of foreign shores at Crossroad Cafe with their Mexican {which come for INR 130} and Italian fries at INR 150. We can’t get enough of the latter – salty parmesan topped with pungent basil and served with a creamy cocktail dip. The colours just pop off the crystal clear white plates and make it look that much more drool-worthy.

Xrong Place

Loaded Cheesy Fries, Karaoke Nights, Happy Hours, the Xrong Place is doing everything right. The cheesy fries is a pub snack that goes well with the state of mind when you need to muster up the Dutch courage to belt out a few numbers on the karaoke mike.

Monkey Bar’s Beer Mrkt Menu

The Beer Mrkt Menu is a gift straight from the ‘Fry Gods’. You must have a plate of their Canadian-style Poutine {a hearty mix of mushroom sauce, cheese and caramelised onions}, and the Ham and Cheese Fries {a carnivore’s dream combination of little bits of ham with melty oozy cheese}. The showstopper Pizza Fries combine our biggest weaknesses {pizza and fries!} into a bowl of awesomeness. The fries come for just INR 180 for the veg and INR 220 for the meaty ones. It’s only on till the end of the month so hurry up and get your fill.

Hakuna Matata

This sprawling veggie hub on Park Street serves up homemade masala fries with three-cheese at INR 190. It may be a bit steep but the convenience of Park Street and friendliness of the staff make it worth it. We love that it has no artificial flavourings – everything {including the sauces!} is made from scratch in-house. Don’t forget to take a couple of selfies in front of the pretty pink paper tree on the staircase.

Tall Blonde French

Located on Wood Street, TBF’s menu is loaded with 17 different veg and 14 non-veg fries -  from butter chicken to pizza flavoured and nachos and beans mix, slathered in cheese, topped with chilli, cheese, or chicken. Don't miss out their bestsellers - Nemo and Hangover Fries. Our hands are greasy and smelling of cheese but hey we ain't complaining!

Oh My Fry

Located in Bhawanipore, this quaint eatery stirs up some really delicious fries, sandwiches, shakes, pasta and a host of other snacks to satisfy those small food cravings. We took a bite of their BBQ Cheese Fries and loved every bit of it.