Head To These Places For The Best Dosas In Town

    Who doesn’t love a perfectly round, golden-hued, crispy-around-the-edges-and-fluffy-in-the-middle-dosa? These are the Kolkata eateries that have mastered the fine art of the dosa.


    Anand Restaurant

    Chandni Chowk, Kolkata

    One of Kolkata’s favorite South Indian places, Anand is synonymous with dosas in Kolkata. The Masala Dosa is a classic and a must-try. If you like your dosas super crisp, go for the ‘wafer’ dosas which are paper-thin and very crunchy. The weekends see long queues during lunch hour so go early if you don’t want a wait.

    Banana Leaf

    Banana Leaf

    Kalighat, Kolkata

    Enjoy a quick, fresh and (relatively) healthy lunch which has the widest variety of dosas in the city (they have about 100 types!). Our top picks are the Podi dosas, dhania dosas and the Mysore Masala Dosa. Eat at the cosy restaurant rather than packing it or getting it home-delivered because the dosas become soggy. Ask for their special chutneys and gunpowder.

    The Chutney Co

    The Chutney Co.

    B. B. D. Bag Dalhousie Square, Kolkata

    The Molagopodi Dosa is the best here. This place serves different kinds of chutney with each dosa – you have to pick three from nine. You have to try the raw mango one and the Curaikkay Chutney. Have a cup of their freshly brewed coffee to finish off your meal.



    Lake Market, Kolkata

    This tiny kiosk-like restaurant serves up some the most imaginative dosas in the city. They have one with hazelnut spread and dark chocolate. And a pizza dosa which has a dosa base, topped with chicken, capsicum, tomatoes and cheese.



    Ballygunge, Kolkata

    Large glass windows, sunlight streaming in, a warm and friendly owner, and traditional South Indian classics makes Ammini a hidden gem in Kolkata. The dosas are not like other places, they are laden with spices, onions, chillies and flavour – perfect for those who love food that packs a punch. Served on a banana leaf, the crispy dosa comes with an array of condiments to choose from. We love the Pink Chutney and Inji Puli (sweet and sour ginger pickle). They make special dishes on a pre-order basis – the traditional South Indian mutton curries are worth making the call for.

    Jyoti Vihar

    Jyoti Vihar

    Park Street Area, Kolkata

    This joint on Ho Chi Minh Sarani (close to the US consulate) is one of the most popular idli-dosa places in the city. The no-frills menu has all the basics but man, they do the basics so well! Their coconut chutney is among the freshest we’ve had, the dosas are perfectly golden and crisp, the masala fillings freshly made.  We love pairing the dhania-filled Malli Sada Dosa with their special chutney.

    Prema Vilas

    Sitting inside a small lane opposite Lake Mall, this is one of the oldest names and we all remember visiting it in our childhood for early morning breakfasts. The cheese masala dosa and the butter masala dosa cannot get any crispier. The paper thin dosas can be perfectly summed up with a cold coffee and you won't need your lunch anymore.