Too Busy To Plan Date Night? These Guys Will Do It For You

    East Kolkata Township, Kolkata

    What Makes It Awesome

    Want to do something special for bae but have the emotional range of a teaspoon? Let Us Go has specially curated romantic evenings for you and your partner. Sick of eating at the same old restaurants or heading to the movies? Want to spice it up for your anniversary? No time to plan anything special? Let Us Go has you covered.

    Pick any day of the year (literally any day!) and these guys will plan a curated evening for you and your partner that you’re not going to forget any time soon. Be it a calm quiet evening or an action-packed adventure, they’ll make your date enjoyable.

    The outdoor options are endless. Photoshoot at Princep Ghat, boat ride on the Ganges, a lazy walk in Victoria Memorial or at Eco Park, a long drive down the Kona Expressway with a quick stop for tea by the highway and top it off with a candlelight dinner. Get six of hours of enjoyable alone time with bae.

    Let Us Go will even book you a car (of your choice) to take you through the day. They’ll also be dishing out free snacks and chocolate throughout the trip to keep you fuelled. They’re open to taking tons of romantic ‘candid’ pictures of you. The best part – the entire day can be planned according to your budget and likes. The basic package starts at INR 8,000.

      East Kolkata Township, Kolkata