Amanda posted on 13th July

Planning a Date? Here Are 6 Romantic Restaurants And Cafes You Must Visit

Ten-Second Takeaway

If you’re about to meet someone your friend is trying to set you up with for an icebreaker first date, or if you’re celebrating an important milestone with your married partner, this list will be your saviour.

The Bridge - The Floatel Hotel

What could be more romantic and charming than a candlelight dinner with a beautiful view of the Ganges and Howrah Bridge? The Bridge at The Floatel Hotel is a wonderful way to make your sweetheart feel extra special. Continental. North Indian. Mughlai. Seafood specialties. There are plenty of cuisines to try out here. If you are in the mood for a few drinks, you can also consider hopping over to The Anchorage Bar, which is also at The Floatel Hotel.

The Love Room

If you are going on a first date and are feeling nervous, The Love Room is the place for you to start with. It is one of India’s very few pet-friendly places, and it will be a whole lot easier to break the ice over petting a bunch of cute doggies and cats! If you are bringing your own pet, you will need to send in a copy of their vaccination card prior to showing up. There are many delicious options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, including chicken wings, peri peri chicken pizza, Harissa grilled fish, cheese balls, pastas, melon and watermelon salad. And they have a very elaborate menu for pets as well.

Sienna Cafe

If you are looking for a chilled out and artsy place to unwind at together, Sienna Cafe is the place to be. And, there is a store you can shop at as well, which is pretty neat (buying your loved one a small gift is a good idea – hint, hint). The food and beverages here are wonderful – from hot chocolate, teas and coffees to desserts, salads and flavourful dips, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this cosy spot.

Aqua At The Park

A bit on the costlier side compared to other options on our list, Aqua at The Park is simply lovely. Poolside – check. Seating sectioned off strategically (yes, you know what we mean) – check. Ridiculously vast array of alcohol options, especially wines – check. Yep, there is no reason not to head here for a milestone celebration with your partner. While breakfast is served here, we highly recommend a dinner date instead. Try out their wood-fired oven pizzas. On a side-note, if pools and rooftops are what really float your boat, then you might want to also consider Smoke Shack at Park Plaza, which is within a similar price range. Their sizzles are pretty decent.

Splash At Swissotel

If you are looking for a rooftop place for dinner that is a little less costly than Aqua and Smoke Shack, you can opt for Splash at Swissotel, which is equally romantic and classy. You’ll enjoy indulging in a glass of wine (or two!), while staring into your beloved’s eyes under the stars. Food-wise, there are plenty of snacks, pastas, barbecue and tandoori dishes to feast upon here.


There is no way you can go wrong on a date when there is dessert on the table. Trust us. Park Street’s iconic Flurys radiates positive, cheerful energy, making it a wonderful and classic option for a brunch and/or coffee date. Book a window seating. If you and your bae have a sweet tooth, try out their shortbread squares, chocolate éclairs and chocolate boats, along with a cappuccino. There are breakfast platters, sandwiches, croissants, pastas and much, much more to indulge in, if you are looking to have a proper meal.