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Blend It Like You Mean It With This Brand’s Super Soft Makeup Sponge

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What Makes It Awesome

Beauty blending tools can be quite tricky to use. How often have you felt frustrated over using a blending sponge that soaks up most of your expensive foundation instead of blending it well on your skin? I, for one, have lost count. Thus, began the search for the perfect blending tool that actually does the job it is made for and I found Plume. 

Plume sponges are made of microfiber velvet technology. Which means there is a layer of velvety soft microfiber over the actual sponge. Now, this layer solves all your problems as it not only prevents the sponge from absorbing makeup, but also makes the sponge more durable, soft, and prevents it from losing its shape. Their microfiber sponges are quite the rage amongst beauty bloggers and makeup aficionados because you can use them to apply almost any kind of makeup (wet or dry), be it foundation, concealer, highlighter, bronzer or even powder! The sponges come in four varieties, differing in shape and texture. You can even opt for sponge bundles, that will save you some money while serving different purposes. Keep one sponge for liquid products and another for powder. Or, you can just get the bundles to collect the two pretty colours that they have on offer! I’d really recommend you invest in the Celestial Super Soft Sponge. Its really the softest sponge you will find in the market and glides like a dream. If you’ve always desired a natural, airbrushed look, this product will help you achieve it effortlessly. 

What’s more? Plume has solved yet another problem we face with makeup sponges - storage. They have designed a silicon sponge case that is big enough to hold both your wet and dry sponges. It has little ventilation drops that will protect your wet makeup sponges. It's great for travelling as you won't have to worry about your wet sponge attracting dust and bacteria because you don’t have a case for it.


Plume also has makeup brushes, that are premium quality and perfectly cut for creating professional makeup looks.