Calling All Bibliophiles! You Have To Check Out This New Literary-Themed Cafe Near Triangular Park

    What Makes It Awesome

    Imagine curling up on a comfy couch with a good book and a hot cup of coffee. It's nothing short of bliss right? Experience this at city's new coffee shop on Purna Das Road near Triangular Park. 

    Potboiler Coffee House is every bibliophile's dream come true! The moment you step inside, a monochrome wall art explaining the coffee-making process will greet you. We noticed a stand filled with colourful book covers, small review notes and messages. The inside walls also sport quirky one-liners and captions. You'll love the pista green wall, aptly named Anatomy of a Bookworm. The section near huge glass windows will definitely make Potterheads happy - string of bulbs hanging from the ceiling and Harry Potter-themed cushions.

    We spotted a really cool community table with charging points in one section. It's surrounded by bookshelves and also has board games, puzzles and cards on offer. You can also donate or exchange old books.

    A lot of the coffee is also named after books. Try A Song of Ice and Fire - a mint and chilli based mocha - named after our favourite Game of Thrones series. Potterheads must go for the Butterbeer Latte. Tea lovers can opt for The Oolong Rose Goodbye, which is basically oolong tea leaves blended with dried rosebuds. The Coffee-Infused Spicy Chicken, Mezze Platter and Deep Fried Oreos are must-tries. We definitely recommend the Berry Smoothie bowl and Greek Omelette for all you health freaks.

    Get your hands on organic products, aromatic candles and reusable coffee cups. They've also got books wrapped in brown paper with clues on what it's about. We love the title - Blind Date with a Book! Read the clues and pick for yourself.


    They stock sanitary napkins as well (big thumbs up!). Just ask at the counter if you need one. No need to hesitate or feel shy!