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#PujoPlans: Meet New People & Walk Around To Explore Kolkata's Biggest Festival

Sayani posted on 24 September

Pujo has forever been about fun with friends, family and close relatives. This year take a plunge and try these quintessential pujo walks to experience the different facets of Kolkata's biggest festival along with a group of new folks and friends.

Bonedi Barir Pujo Walk

Heard the lores of bonedi barir Durga Pujo but never had the opportunity to experience any? This year, Heritage Walk Calcutta (HWC) is giving you the chance to experience North Kolkata's quintessential bonedi barir pujo with its rich history and unique rituals. HWC has in fact curated two walks to explore four different parts of North Kolkata. Join the Pathuriaghata and Jorasanko walk to experience the pujo of Datta, Dawn, Mullick and Pathuriaghata Bari. The Sovabazar and Chitpore walk will take you around Sovabazar Rajbari, Darjipara Mitra Bari, Chhatu Babu-Latu Babur Bari, Hatkhola Dutta Bari, Madan Mohan Dutta Bari, Pathuriaghata Ghosh Bari. The walks will be conducted on the four days of Durga Puja (15, 16, 18 and 19) and is already open for bookings

Barowari Pujo Walk

Pujo without pandal hopping is half the fun, tbh. Late night outings with your squad and daytime pandal hops with the fam must definitely be on your list. But how about kicking off your Pujo, meeting new people and going pandal hopping with them? With the city turning into a big art gallery,  join Calcutta Walks on October 14 to explore the most popular barowari (community) pujos in Kolkata. Less crowds jostling you around and new friends to take the walk with, this one a is great way to get your Pujo Parikrama started. 

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Mahalaya On Cruise

Mahalaya rings in Durga Pujo, but it's Birendra Krishna Bhadra's Mahishasurmardini that ushers in Mahalaya for us. A significant day in the Bengali calendar to remember the late elders of a family, the ghats of Kolkata throng with people who come to offer prayers and perform tarpan (a religious rite remembering the ancestors). This year get on board the river cruise with Kolkata Explorers to experience the ghats at dawn on Mahalaya and witness the beginning of Durga Pujo. The walks starts in the wee hours of dawn, at 3.30am and goes on till 7am.

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Ashtami Anjali At Rajbari Walk

 This year skip the para pandal and join troop with Kolkata Exploreres to offer your Ashtami anjali at the historic rajbari of Dashghara. Located in the pilgrim's town of Tarakeshwar, Dashghara flaunts of terracotta archways, large palatial mansions of the erstwhile zamindars and historic temples that date back to the colonial times. A sort of tour-cum-walk this one can be your day long adventure to get lost in history and have a nice outing with new friends. Bonus! The walk also includes lunch with it.

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Nobomi Night Walk

The four days of Pujo blends days and nights all together into one epic festival. And while daytime is great to avoid the evening crowd, nighttime is the best time to watch the city come alive with lights, people and drumbeats. This year bookmark Nobomi to meet new folks and go out on a midnight tour around the popular pujos of Kolkata with Kolkata Explorers. The walk is slated to start at 10 pm and promises to take you around popular pandals like Ekdalia, Bosepukur, Kumartuli and others.

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Bijoya Bisharjan Walk

Four days of excitement and extravagance need proper closure for a year-long wait. This year sign off pujo with Calcutta Walks as they take you on a river cruise from Baboo Ghat to watch the ghats of Kolkata come alive with immersion rites and the river crowd with sunken idols. Wind in the hair, nostalgic mood and evening snacks to nibble, this one can be your perfect closure to a four days of fun and festivities.

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