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Seven Quirky Clocks To Gift The Late Latif Friends In Your Life

Raisa posted on 01 February


We scoured through home decor store Stellar Furnishings and found seven unique pieces that will make sure you’re never late again {and look awesome on your Instagram}.

Time On Wheels

You’ve heard of meals on wheels, now it’s time for clocks on wheels. This uber quirky, battery-operated clock has actual wheels that turn and will be a great addition to a chic centre table or desk. This beauty will set you back INR 9,000.

For The iPhone Obsessed

Know a friend who’s obsessed with their iPhone? Ditch the Apple watch and go for an Apple clock instead. This iPhone-inspired wall clock will set you back INR 5,500 and will be the envy of all your buddies.

This Thing

If you watched The Addams Family growing up, you’ll immediately recognise this clock which looks usspiciously like ‘Thing’. The golden-gloved hand will defintely be a statement piece in any room. Pick it up for INR 8,000.

Is It A Bird?

Yes, believe it or not this uber-cute little birdie is actually a clock. If you look really closely through the bars, you’ll see the numbers denoting the time. This piece works well as a decorative item and costs INR 6,000. It’s a manually-operated clock, you have to wind it from the lever on the bottom.

Is It A Plane?

If you love planes, you will be obsessed with this classic airplane-inspired desk clock. The automatic plane will set you back INR 6,800 — the cheapest plane on the market!

Topsy Turvy Time

Confused by what’s going on here? This is actually supposed to be a mounted wall clock but we love how it’s been placed on a table here which makes it topsy-turvy and tons of fun. It comes in a variety of sizes — this one is for INR 4,400.

Steering In The Right Direction

Say bye bye to boring clocks and hello to this chic, tasteful, steering wheel-inspired clock which stirs excitement even in the worst driver. Grab the wheel for just INR 3,800 and leave it on any table to make it the centre of attention.

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