Free Salsa Classes, Rowing & Live Music: Everything You Can Do At Kolkata's Fave Hangout, The Lakes

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What if you could take dance classes, go swimming, have great food, listen to live music and be surrounded by trees, water and quite? You can tick every one of those boxes at Kolkata’s Rabindra Sarovar.

Get Running

Rabindra Sarovar’s beautiful tree-lined paved path surrounding the lakes is one of the most popular walking and running spots in the city. A roundabout lap of the circular path along the lake that spills into the Rabindra Sarovar stadium and Southern Avenue could fetch you a good four to five kilometres on your pedometer. So, if running is your fitness mojo then definitely sign up with one of the clubs (like Kolkata Ultra and Skechers) that begin their daily laps from the Sarovar itself.

Kill Stress and Get Laughing

Running, jogging and strolling and yoga aside, have you tried laughing to relieve stress? Well, it’s time then Gen X and Y to follow the wiser lot (aka our grandparents and parents) and join one of the laughter clubs at the lakes. The place has incidentally home to the first laughing club in Kolkata since 1966. The club still has over 200 members and the club itself is a member of the Laughter Club of India and Laughter Yoga International.

Row It On Or Swim it Out

If the cool placid water of the Dhakuria Lake entices you, then why not try your hand at some water sports? Rabindra Sarovar is Kolkata’s answer to the rowing clubs in the UK. Located on the picturesque Dhakuria Lakes, you’ll get some much-needed peace from the city noise along with your workout. The classes start (mostly) about as early as the rooster crows, so as you cut through the waters, you’ll see dawn break over the Lakes. 

If rowing isn’t your deal then try swimming at the Indian Life Saving Society (aka the Anderson Club) which is known to offer swimming classes and training in the cool and clean waters of the Dhakuria Lake.

A Photographer’s Paradise

The lakes are a paradise for painters and photographers. From the amazing foliage to the sunset over the waters and the Japanese Buddhist Temple—the capturable moments are many. Join one of those photography clubs that crowd in on the Rabindra Sarovar premises for their tours and classes.

Watch The Birds

Rabindra Sarovar is known to attract several migratory and local birds — the small islands that dot the lake and the tall shady trees that surround the area are a good haunt. While winter is the best time for birdwatchers to catch a glimpse of rare migratory birds from elsewhere, summer months are equally interesting. From parakeets to kingfishers, cormorants, sunbirds and moorhens—the list of what to look for is long.

Fooding Around

If all else fails to impress you, then a food jaunt is definitely something to charm you with. The pavement in front of Rabindra Sarovar is an under-rated spot for nifty snackables. The fellow right outside the Lake main gate makes great stuff and his quantities are more generous. But finish eating before you enter either the lakes or the cinema hall – food is not allowed in either of the places.

The lake itself has a modest eatery of sorts with tea, coffee and a few snacks. Since the lakes are right next to the café-lined Southern Avenue you can also head out to the many joints in that road.

Salsa By The Lakes

If you love dancing, head out to the open-air salsa classes by the lake for a perfect Sunday morning and head for chai afterwards with other salsa freaks like you. Join the gang to learn some basic steps from Kolkata’s ‘Salsawala’ Hitesh Teckchandani for no charge at all! The sessions happen on Sundays and are free.

Contact:  +91 9830172572 for information.

Live A Lakes

Head to Rabindra Sarobar this week for some great live music under the trees and by the lakes. From Vikram Ghosh to bands from the city and across the country have performed at the lakes.