Rain Or Shine, Our Pick Of Umbrellas Will Have You Covered

Editors posted on 12 June

With heavy downpours, drizzles and 4 ‘o’ clock showers, comes the need to own a sturdy as well as stylish umbrella. We trawled the web and came up with this lot that will have you looking fabulous, come rain, hail or shine, with our nifty guide to funky umbrellas.

Checks And Patterns

This gorgeous blue and white umbrella from India Circus is  sturdy, has a wooden handle and is perfect for those heavy downpours. Get it for INR 1,439 here.

Brave the monsoon season armed with their stylish Trichromatic Progression umbrella which will remind you of bright sunny days. Pick it up for INR 1,439 here.

Go for slightly more subdued colour palette with an umbrella from The Umbrella Story – it is sure to make people sit up and take notice with its use of light and breezy colors. Get it here for INR 1,499.

Want something which will cost less? You’ll find many checks and stripes and other patterns on Amazon as well. Check out a blue & black 3-fold design in smart checks here for INR 299 only!

Make A Statement

When you want to defy the grey skies and transform a rainy day into something beautiful, try the Indi Print series from Sun Umbrella here. For INR 485, you get a 3-fold steel frame with heavy duty ribs for added strength so it can withstand really harsh weather conditions.

Travel The World

Add a silver lining to an otherwise cloudy sky with the Wanderlust design umbrella from The Elephant Company. It’s sure to drive your monsoon blues away and make you want to visit places far and deep. Hurry, it’s going for just INR 499 with a 50% off sale here!

Here’s another one with a travel theme – a bright sky blue background with some well-known monuments around the world. Pick it up here.

Travel back in time with this very Victorian English garden print from FabSeasons. You can order it on Amazon for just INR 649 here.

For A Touch Of Elegance

The Flights of Vivers are an exuberant range of designer umbrellas by India Circus. With designs that portray an intricate flock of feeding birds, this range of clear umbrellas brings the charm of birdwatching right onto your shoulder space. We loved the blue-green one reminiscent of elegant Mughal prints and the Twin Peacock Siesta range. These manual 3-fold umbrellas will get through seriously heavy downpours and winds due to the UGC-plated D-style ribs fixed with SS rivets, and chrome-plated steel tubes. A steal at INR 1,035. Get them here and here.

Like A Sunflower

Remember the yellow umbrella in How I Met Your Mother? You can pick up a funkier version online. How about one with a banana case from The House of Quirk for INR 599 here. Or a capsule-style case? It has a UV coating and strengthened black steel shaft and ribs sprayed with the super anti-corrosion nickel coating so it will never rust. It’s on a 30% discount and you can pick it up for INR 699 here. Or try one for INR 799 here.

Minimalistic In Black & White

We adore this black and white, pagoda-style umbrella for INR 799 that we found here. Or this elegant and minimalistic number from Zara for INR 1,190 here.

Light Up The Night

Brighten up your gloomy day with a cool glow-in-the-dark LED umbrella – it won’t just protect you from the rain but is a perfect accessory at night when you struggle for a good vision. Pick it up for INR 1.599 here.

Amp Up The Quirk

Who can resist this watermelon print from Forever 21? Pick it up for just INR 699 here. The Elephant Company has loads of quirky prints like this one with all kinds of bicycles that will put a smile on your face. Pick it up for INR 1,299 here.

Go Retro

Whatever you buy, this has to be in your list! It reminds us of old Europe with soft pastel colours and ladies carrying pinafores. Now you can re-live those times too with just one accessory – the Victorian Dome Lace Umbrella, and feel like a princess coming hailing from one big castle! Pick it up for INR 1,199 from the Mango People here.

Supersize It

One afternoon it’s bright sunny day and all of a sudden the sky is murky. You can expect raindrops at any moment. This adorable, super-sized rainbow umbrella is perfect for you and can easily fit 2-3 people together. So enjoy the rains with your loved ones and have a great time together. Pick it up here.

Get Complete Cover

Carrying a laptop in your bag and the wind is seriously strong? Dome-shaped umbrellas are the perfect solution for such situations. Pick up a really sturdy one from Esprit here for INR 1,699.

Clear Skies

If your skies aren”t clear, let your umbrella be. Pick up this gorgeous transparent umbrella with pink blossoms for INR 999 here. Or want to go for an autumnal look? Pick up this beauty here for the same price.

Two For One

Monsoons are right at the corner and you would rather gift your dad something that is not just quirky but practical too. Enter the dual umbrella. If your parents go for long evening walks, this product ensures that they don’t miss those moments because of rains. In a way, the dual umbrella will not just make your dad happy, but will also make mom very proud of you. Now, who doesn’t want that to happen? get it for INR 1,499 here.