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We Are Keeping The Party Lit With This Eatery's Crackling Sizzlers & Boozy Beertails

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What Makes It Awesome

Enough of the timid mulled wine and the overload of roasted meat. We would have seriously reached the point of food boredom, had we not been tipped off about exciting new sizzlers and delicious drinks that Raize The Bar has started serving.

Nothing got our hunger back and made us drool than the crackling sound and the smoky aroma of sizzlers that kept wafting through Raize The Bar. Beat the blues with some hot sizzling food and cool tasty drinks, Raize The Bar's Sizzler Festival is just what you need for an after work chill or even a work break. Right at the heart of Salt Lake's CBD, we are already planning on getting the work gang at this place and raising a toast with some amazing house-brewed craft beer cocktails and sumptuous sizzlers.

There are more than 22 types of sizzlers from around the world on the menu, and you will be really spoilt for choice here. We ate our heart out on the Chicken Infinity Sizzler (chicken roulade, mashed potato and herbed rice), but a must try is the BBQ Roast Chicken & Penne Pasta Sizzler (roasted chicken, pasta and sauteed veggies). There's a good variety of the veg sizzlers too. Try the Mexican Stuffed Peppers With Walnut Cheese Sauce Sizzler and thank us later. They have turned their dessert into a sizzler too! The Fried Ice Cream Sizzler served with whipped cream, caramel and chocolate sauce, is the perfect end to your meal. While you are there don't miss trying out the dishes from their Global Cuisine on the menu. Our pick: Melting Mushrooms, FTW!

To cool off from the heat you need some beertail, though. Now before you ask what's that, allow me to explain. It's a cocktail made of beer. And not just any beer we're talking of Raize The Bar's own house-brewed beers of apple cider, stout, German wheat, lager, Belgian wit are used to make these cocktails. From a fancy beergarita to crafty sangria - the drinks burst with a refreshing new flavour, so unlike any that you've tasted. None of the bitter beer taste, but rather a refined sweetness lingers on. We of course went tipsy sipping on glasses of cinnamon stout that comes topped with chocolate!


The Sizzler Festival started on the 10th of March and will run till the end of March. Happy hours remain on between 12pm to 6pm every day, and you can get your drinks on a 25% discount.