Try Kolkata's Dearest Street Food From This Award-Winning Phuchkawala

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What Makes It Awesome

City of Joy's favourite street food, phuchka, is available at every nook and corner of the city, but very few can be compared to Rajendra Phuchka in front of Dakshinapan in Dhakuria.

You must have been to Baghbazar, Vivekananda Park, Chakraberia and Esplanade for some of the best phuchkawalas in town, but your list won't be complete until and unless you visit Dhakuria to eat from Rajendra Phuchka. Just outside the exit gate of Dakshinapan, you will be able to spot the huge presence of his two stalls.

Gorge on the huge phuchkas, which you won't be able to put in your mouth in one go. The stuffing is made with a calculated amount of spice and salt. Try it with their sweet or sour water, or maybe you can mix them both! And what you get is a sudden gush of multifarious flavours dancing inside your mouth. He sells five puhchkas for INR 20. A plate of alur dom, churmur and doi churmur will come for between INR 30 to INR 40, each.

What we haven't told you yet is that Rajendra Phuchka has won an award from Khaibar Pass Award for the 'best phuchka'. And right beside his phuchka stall, there is another stall for the sweeter dishes. We tried a plate of doi puchka for INR 40 and it was dripping with the dahi and chutney. You can also try something called the doi alur dom phuchka for INR 50.


There's almost always a queue when you reach there, so make sure you have some time in hand. After all, such things cannot be enjoyed in a hurry!