Get The Bengal Renaissance Feels At This Boutique Hotel In Swabhumi

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What Makes It Awesome

It's a luxe portal to travel back in time and live in a story that'll transport you to the glorious days of Bengal's renaissance. Swabhumi's newest boutique hotel Raajkutir will welcome you to Kaliprasanna Singha's raj bari, and you don't need no special permits to bask in its lavishness.

It's a story that's meant to take you back to Bengal's period of enlightenment and while you read along, you also get lost in the alleys of old time when you put up at Raajkutir. Modelled along the lines of Bengal's old raj baris (palatial mansions that belonged to the landed gentry or the zamindars), Raajkutir is designed as the mansion of the fictional Kaliprasanna Singha. Though the architecture resembles old Bengal mansions (the multiple courtyards and balconies to old Louvre-style fenestration), the hotel houses every modern amenity to make for a rather comfortable and plush stay.

Spread across 13 acres of land, Kaliprasanna's Raajkutir has 33 state-of-the art rooms, three large banquets, an all-day dining restaurant, a cafe and deli, shopping arcade and an artisan's gallery. With 26 character rooms (that tell the story of each of the personas in Kaliprasanna's fictional narrative), and seven atithi rooms - Raajkutir is a fantastic chance to bask in Bengal's royal opulence without royal connections. 

Not just the architecture, you'll get lost in history even with the traditions and practices that the hotel has imbibed from bonedi Bengali culture.They will do boron with chandan tika and misti doi and sandesh to welcome you, tell you the story of Rajababu Nrishinghoprotap who ousted the British from his beloved Swabhumi, host you for the sandhya pradeep at Tulsithan and entertain you with baul or dhunuchi naach in the evening.

The hotel's Outhouse has amenities like spa and a knife-edged pool to relax and unwind, and  a gym so you do not miss out on your workout during the vacay.

Dine at their East India Room restaurant to indulge in a unique colonial Bengal spread that includes British, French, Portuguese and Mughal influences, just like history records. You can also check into The Loafer's Cafe for something light and later head to The Swig for a drink or two.

What Could Be Better

Prices are definitely steep than most other places (starts at INR 9,500), but it's not often that you get to enjoy an experiential stay like this.


You can interact directly with the butlers and the chef at the East India Room to request a meal that you want, instead of just choosing from the set menu.

COVID-19 Update: The hotel is following all safety precautions to ensure guest safety as well as staff safety. Do check out their website for more details on this.