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This Lesser Known Wildlife Sanctuary In Bardhaman Should Be On Your Checklist

    What Makes It Awesome

    You are wrong if you think you have run out of places to visit in West Bengal. Head to Ramnabagan Wildlife Sanctuary in Bardhaman and do justice to your love for animals.

    Located in the town of Burdwan, the sanctuary is three kilometres from the Burdwan railway station. Worried about how to reach there? There are local trains as well express trains which ply from Howrah to Burdwan at regular intervals. Or if you have a car, then nothing like it! Take a two-and-a-half-hour drive through the Durgapur Expressway to reach Burdwan.

    There is a mini-zoo inside the sanctuary too. In 1978, the area was converted into a deer park with the introduction of six chitals (spotted deers). Chitals and barking deers were a part of the sanctuary since the very beginning. But right now when you visit, you'll see the number of spotted deers to be quite high.

    The sanctuary is predominant with teak and sal forests. You will find innumerable kadbel (wood-apple) trees, dumur (cluster fig) tree, jam (Malabar plum or Java plum) trees, to name a few. The huge canopies of these trees are a perfect place to recoil into the lap of nature.

    Coming to the wild animals, you will spot leopards, sloth bears, peafowls, pelicans, crocodiles, adjutant stork and blackbuck, to name a few. Are you a passionate bird watcher? Make sure to see the owls, spotted doves and martins, all of which are kept in the mini zoo area.


    You can also avail buses for Burdwan, which run on a regular basis from all the major bus terminals in Kolkata.