Rare Graphic Novels, Travellogues & Old Folk Tales: Get Pre-Loved Books For A Steal At This Bookstore

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What Makes It Awesome

It was the pile of old comic books near the store front that caught my eye, while I was walking down Free School Street. Swiftly, I walked into the store (obviously, I couldn't have bypassed it after this), only to discover a world of marvellous pre-loved old books.

If you thought vinyls are the only rare things that Free School Street has, you need to come to this store to break the myth. Graphic novels to old editions of classics, travel books, magazines and even out of print children's books - Mullick Book Emporium has stuffs that'll make you say 'holy moly'!

I bagged several old originals of DC's Superman Adventures to Marvel's March of the Dead series, for just INR 60 here. I even picked up a real rare graphic novel like Oink by John Mueller for just INR 100!

Growing up to a healthy dose of Russian folk tales, I couldn't contain my glee when I spotted an old out-of-print book of Ukranian folk tales that was actually printed in erstwhile USSR! I nabbed this for just 200.

The joy of finding old editions of classics with no-longer-available unique book covers are something that every booklover will recognise. I found the 1957 edition of 'Pigs Have Wings' (PG Wodehouse) that was published in the UK and has a watercolor illustrated cover. Got it for a steal of 120!

More than half of the store is stacked with rows of old books. Look through them carefully and you'll find priceless treasures hidden in the stacks. From Jerome K Jerome to Alexander McCall Smith and even recent writers like Dan Brown, Shashi Tharoor and James Patterson.

What Could Be Better

If the large piles overwhelm you, chat up with shopkeeper Aneesh (don't be surprised by his knowledge of authors and books) and he'll help you around spotting some great books. Do, remember to bargain though because he does quote strange prices, at times.

Pro Tip

Travel junkies must visit here simply to check out the vast collection of Lonely Planet books. There are also old magazines, coffee table books and an incredible range of Mills and Boons to pick from.