If You Like Comics, Try Out The Japanese Equivalent As We Suggest Our Top 5 Mangas

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Japan's equivalent of comic books, the mangas have become more popular globally after the revolution of the internet. Because unlike comic books, mangas weren't readily available in stores. Even now, we have to wait for a Comic Con to happen, if we want to buy a manga (not to mention the skyrocketing price of a manga). But here we are, with a list of our top five mangas, which can be read or bought online on Viz. Take a look!

Dragon Ball

Of course we had to start with the most popular one and the mass favourite. Dragon Ball is a legendary creation by the iconic Akira Toriyama and it is a Shōnen manga published by Shueisha publishers under Jump Comics (it's the DC of Japan). Be it Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super, this creation has gone beyond the geographical boundaries of Japan and has a global fandom today. So much so that May 9 is even celebrated as Goku day!


Being part of the 'big three' Shōnen Jump titles, Tite Kubo's Bleach is an unforgettable creation. The story is about soul reapers (shinigami) and the different challenges they face in their world, the Soul Society. Ichigo Kurosaki is the lead character and a total eye-candy for the ladies. Here we get to know his journey of becoming a soul reaper and how he comes across his fate by helping the members of the Soul Society.

One Piece

The longest running manga ever, One Piece is also a part of the 'big three' Shōnen Jump titles, created by iconic manga artist Eiichiro Oda. One Piece has smashed records left, right and centre, and has remained the best-selling manga series in history with 473 million copies sold worldwide! That number itself gives us an idea about the magnitude of One Piece's popularity and is reason enough for us to read.

Death Note

Yes, the manga which became a pop culture, Death Note was able to impact us on a literary level due to its writing and characterisation. The dichotomy of the lead character, a teen high school prodigy Light Yagami makes us question set standards of belief when he comes across a Shinigami's death note, which grants the user the supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name is written in its pages.


This has to be my personal favourite. Naruto is no less than an epic in the world of literature and hits all our emotional chords perfectly. Naruto will make you live, laugh, love and cry, all at the same time. Living legend Masashi Kishimoto gives life to protagonist Naruto Uzumaki, a gifted and cursed shinobi (ninja) and takes us through his life's adventures as a ninja!