Revolutionary Asian Cuisine, A Class Apart

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What Makes It Awesome?

The City of Joy looks cooler in scorching summer with the arrival of modern Asian bistro Pa Pa Ya, who opens their first outlet at Kolkata after Delhi and Mumbai. Housed right at the heart of city’s business and party district Park Street, the eleventh floor offers 360° bird’s-eye view of the entire city, so one can wine and dine among the skylines. A majestic gold emblem Pa Pa Ya logo, modern and chic interiors, lavish bar counters, comfortable seating with a 14,000 square feet playground for the connoisseurs.

At Pa Pa Ya experience the finest of modern Asian food showcasing some iconic dishes from around the Orient crafted in a way that’s never been seen before. Experience the finest of modern Asian food through some iconic dishes from around the Orient, crafted in a way that’s never been seen before.

While we are settling at their lounge, were offered with some stunning mocktails to fuel up for the gastronomical journey. Thirsty Ride is watermelon based blended with honey and lime, a thirst quencher. Spicy Delight is guava based blended with orange juice and spiced up with togarashi. Pineginger Passion is pineapple based mixed with passion fruit juice and a dash of galangal. Pa Pa Ya is orange-based blended with kaffir lime and thyme topped with orange chunks. Exotica is a blend of cranberry and orange juice topped with passion fruit puree and finished with a sprig of mint leaves.

The bistro is known for its collection of sushi on the menu. Few best of their collections like Asparagus and Cream Cheese, California Roll, Spicy Shitake, Avocado Mango Roll and Shrimp Tempura Roll featured in the buffet spread served on wooden tree plate.

In the dimsums had Chicken Gyoza and Sauteed Leeks and Water Chestnut. Those tender little dumplings once popped in your mouth just melts in a second.

No oriental cuisine can complete without featuring the ever classic Som Tam. The Thai green papaya salad combines all four tastes – sour, chilli, sweet and salty gives a diversified feeling to your taste buds.

Ah, my favourite Malaysian soup Laksa Chicken, a smooth creamy coconut broth topped with assortments like fresh chopped mints and nuts with a dash of lime. Best enjoyed piping hot yet so soothing.

The restaurant has emphasized a lot on their tapas section in the spread. Grilled Chicken and Avocado Taco has thin crispy gyoza sheet shells filled with chicken, avocado and finished with grated mozzarella cheese. Mandarin Tofu Hot Dogs is an Asian take of the western hot dog stuffed with tofu and served with potato fries. Shitake Burrata Croquettes has panco crusted shell stuffed with shitake and green peas. Pla Samrot Gung has succulent prawns tossed in three different sauces and topped with citrus cream. Chili Hoisin Duck Dog Katsoboushi is barbecued duck meat-filled hot dog sprinkled with crispy fish flakes. Crispy Corn Curd is delicate of the most with the filling of corn paste and condensed milk deep-fried for a crispy coating oozes out gooey curd with every bite.

The main course was decorated with mildly spiced coconut cream Penang Curry, tossed seasonal vegetables and tofu featuring in Wok Tossed Seasonal Vegetables, spicy stir-fried Chinese dish Gong Bao Prawns and succulent chunks of chicken legs with sun-dried chillies and bamboo shoot featured in Wok Fried Sichuan Chicken. It was accompanied by fragrant Corn and Spinach Fried Rice and delicious Japanese Yaki Udon Noodle.

The penultimate dish was the dessert Chocolate Ball on Fire. Looking deeper into the composition of this ultimate delight it consists of a scoop of ice cream, a bunch of dry fruits, caramel and a classic brownie. To tempt us further, it is all packed in a chocolate ball layered with chocolate sauce. Cointreau is lighted up and poured on the chocolate dome. Orange flavoured Cointreau gives a little bitter taste but it is mellowed with coffee cream and chocolate sauce. The chocolate dome is filled with brownie, vanilla ice cream and nuts.

Pa Pa Ya uses organic and fresh produce along with the finest ingredients sourced from the region of origin throughout Asia, in their most authentic form. It showcases super innovative presentations and buffet served right at your table. This is where culinary skill meets the science of gastronomy.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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