Light Up Your Home (And Soul) With These Environment-Friendly Candles

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What Makes It Awesome

If scented candles have been an integral part of your #selfcare routine, you might want to pause and consider what goes into the making of these candles and what it does to the air you breathe in. Most scented candles are made from paraffin wax, which when melts can release cancer-causing chemicals that can also be very harmful in people with respiratory conditions such as asthma. You will also find candle brands using a wick where the cotton is wrapped around metal, producing a toxic soot, harmful for the lungs. This is where brands like Rewa are making an essential change. 

Rewa makes scented candles using religious floral waste and cruelty-free wax. These handcrafted candles come wrapped in organic butter paper and packed in a cardboard box. Even the labels on the candles and packaging are made using recycled paper. Environment-friendly all the way, this women-led brand shines a light (literally so) on mindfulness, love and conscious consumption. 

They have four scents on offer. Tulsi (for when you’ve had a tough day), Hibiscus (for a generous dose of self-care), Jasmine (for lifting up your mood) and, Marigold (a real treat for the senses). Want to try them all? They have a gifting set that includes all the scents.