Ride In Style: Uber Premier Has Just Launched In Kolkata & Here’s What You Need To Know


Uber launched it’s ‘PREMIER’ service in Kolkata yesterday {Friday} which is all about upgrading your travelling experience. We’re giving you all the deetz.

Uber Ride 2.0

Thought uberX was cool? Well, Uber ‘PREMIER’ IS EVEN BETTER. After Bangalore, Mumbai and Pune, Kolkata is the next city to get this in-app service. Even though the prices are slightly higher than UberGo, the cab will come with several perks. Top rated drivers {the driver partners have been selected based on the number of trips they’ve taken – most have over 200 rides – and Driver Compliments and Driver Ratings the y have received.

Don’t be surprised if a high-comfort sedan drives up to you. Only the top pick of cars are now Premier cars. A little birdie tells us that you’ll never struggle with AC in a car again {a hige benefit in summer!}. Free wifi is in the works. You may also get a choice of music to listen to and a complimentary water bottle in the car – totally living the high life!

How Do You Use It?

It’s an in-app service {just like UberGo or UberPool}, you’ll see the ‘Premier’ option as soon as you open your app. Request a cab like you would any other and wait to be taken on a ‘premier’ journey! The cab seats 1 to 4 people.