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#WeekendBreak: Ride The Waves At A Surfing School And Festival In Odisha For INR 4,000 Onwards


    Your next vacay should be spent picking up the rudiments of surfing, one the most under-rated water sports in India. When the swell is right, there are some great spots to go surfing in neighbouiring Odisha.

    What Is It?

    The Odisha coast has a few spots where surfing has taken off in a big way. The coastal town of Puri, close to Kolkata, some good waves for surfers. It has a beach break {waves are dependent on the quality of the sand banks to provide good, surfable waves} that stretches out a long way. Paradip with its gigantic waves is a treat for more experienced surfers.

    Why Should I Go?

    You can pick up surfing at classes led by the Rangers Adventure Foundation. It’s located on the Konark-Puri marine drive. They are also known as the Surfing Yogis, and organise the India Surf Festival. These groups offer accommodation and classes in not just surfing, but other activities like stand-up paddling and kayaking. Prices are  INR 4,000 {for SUP sessions for couples} onwards.

    If the waves are flat, there’s always plenty to do and see to keep you busy. At the ISF, you will find a smorgasbord of culture from live music to pop-up boutiques, yoga classes, food, theatre, dance, and of course Puri itself with the Konark Temple, its bazaars, the beach and fresh seafood.

    How Do I Get There?

    There are 21 weekly trains from Kolkata to Puri – take your pick.


    What Should I Carry?

    A cap or a hat – wide-brimmed – to protect from the sun, sunglasses, water bottle, shorts, and lots of towels.


    Get off the couch and get into the water. The best time to visit Paradip and Puri is between November to April. Keep an eye on Surfing India’s website for news about festivals, classes and more.