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Roasted Quail and Duck Cassoulet: This Home Cook Serves Up Exotic Meats Starting at Just INR 120

Raisa posted on 27 July


The Local Gourmet serves international dishes with locally-sourced ingredients, and exotic meats like quail and duck. The best part? A full meal for one costs just INR 300.

Chow Down

Roasted Quail, Double Cooked Sticky Pork Ribs, Beef Tenderloin, Duck Cassoulet and Handmade Bespoke Sausages are all on Local Gourmet’s menu. Owner and self-taught cook Atrei makes all the food at home with locally-sourced quality products. She started Local Gourmet to pull herself out of a dark place and since cooking always made her happy, that was the way to do it. Local Gourmet’s aim is to make gourmet exotic food accessible and light on the pocket. What’s more? They use relatively healthier cooking options like grilling and roasting so you don’t load up on too many calories either.

The dishes are made with hearty meats and certainly pack a punch. The meat falls straight off the bone {patrons claim they haven’t had a softer pork belly anywhere!}. The dishes start at just INR 100; the cost for two for a full meal would be INR 600.

So, We're Saying...

Next time you’re planning a sit-down family dinner {around Christmas is a great time!} and want an epicureans table at reasonable prices, you know who to call. They also do pop-up stalls and cater to events and parties.

You can order on their Facebook page or Whatsapp Atrei on 098364 29467.

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