These Beach Getaways Are Perfect For Couples Who Love Sand 'N Sea

    Want a romantic honeymoon but no time to fly abroad? Drive down to these beaches near Kolkata and get the ultimate romantic experience.


    Located on the south-western tip of Sundarbans, Bakkhali is the ideal place to visit for a quick romantic getaway. A drive away from the city (you can also take a train), the pristine beaches and gorgeous skyline makes for the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon.

    White sandy beaches, an abundance of red beaked seagulls and calm waves, this place will win you over with its peacefulness, tranquillity and inherent romance. Sit back and enjoy some cosy time at Bakkhali or head to Jambu Dwip for more long walks down the beach.

    Henry Island

    If you want to level up your trip to Bakkhali, make the extra effort and head over to Henry Island, the quaint untouched island has literally nothing to do except walk along the beach and watch the waves – sounds like an idyllic honeymoon!


    Not strictly a beach, this quaint seaside town located in Bankura in West Bengal lies on the border with Jharkhand. Since it’s located at the confluence of Kumari and Kangsabati, there’s plenty of waterbodies full of clear blue water, lush green forests with green hills creating the backdrop.

    Walk along the Kangsabati Dam or spend a day at the deer park, this serene town will let you and you reconnect with nature. Just the journey to the park is so exciting, the boat across the lake is romantic and scenic.


    Just 10 kilometres from Digha, (and 190 km from the Vidyasagar Setu Toll Plaza), Talasari is just a drive away from the city. The virgin beach lies as part of the north-eastern coastline of India. ‘Talasari’ literally translates to ‘a row of Palm Trees’ and this beach highlights just that – rows of casuarina trees, coconut and palm trees cast a serene aura over the unpopulated beach. You get a taste of both the sea beach as well as the river bed – an ideal place for couples who love nature and water. One of the only hotels is the OTDC Chandaneswar (also known as the Panthasala) which have AC rooms and suites to make your stay comfortable.


    A small sea resort just 255 km away from Kolkata, the tiny town named Chandipur in Orissa makes our list of honeymoon-worthy places because of its serenity. Chandipur is known for its ‘receeding beach’ – during low tide, the water disappears so far back that you can even take a jeep ride towards the sea. Besides the beach, there are a number of outdoor activities like bird-watching and swimming that will keep you and bae active through the day.

    You can also spend a day with nature at the Similipal Forest Reserve where, if you’re lucky, you can spot deer, crocodiles and even leopards. Trek up to Nilagiri and enjoy not just the adrenaline-inducing climb up but also the breathtaking views.