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Royalty And Warmth Served With Awadhi Cuisine At Manzilat's

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What Makes It Awesome?

With shahi food and great ambience, you will have feeling of no less than being a nawab at Manzilat's.

In starters we commenced with Mutton Chatpata Handi Kebab, is crumbled mutton seekh kebab delicately spiced and cooked in the pot with onion, tomatoes and green chilli. Freshly chopped coriander leaves topping adds a punch to its flavour. Mutton Awadhi Galawti Kabab, made from a mix of juicy minced mutton finely blended with a bouquet of herbs and spices and griddle with desi ghee. Garnished with onion rings and split green chillies, try this aromatic and delicate kebab with paper-thin and crispy Ulta Tawa Paratha. Mutton Majlisis Pasanda Kabab, soft textured shredded mutton wrapped in a thick consistent creamy gravy. The magic of smokiness from Bandel cheese and punch from ginger slices makes it a complex flavour to decipher. This can again be tried with Ulta Tawa Paratha.

Before moving to the main course a quick detour towards Kalkatta Nahari, a slow-cooked mutton stew with the delicious amalgamation of spices. Well cooked mutton shanks fell off from the bone with the slightest effort and exposing the gooey bone marrow. Must enjoy the stew by squeezing a few drops of lime juice on it until the last drop till you feel the traces of fresh ginger in your mouth. This must be relished with crispy and flaky Dal Puri, brought straight from the frying wok. This is available only during winter months.

In the main course the showstopper was the Kalkatta Shahi Mutton Biryani, has long-grained basmati rice with the trademark potato sitting atop and mutton pieces are peeping through the rice. The meat was soft as ever, succulent and full of flavours. The chef cooks her biryani with mustard oil to keep it non-greasy and light but it is so moist. One may find this mild if compared to its commercial counterparts available all over town. It was served with a decent portion of Burhani, a coriander based raita seasoned with cumin and other spices. Mutton Shahi Rezala, bony mutton pieces marinade in yoghurt and curried with cashew and poppy seed paste with Indian spices to prepare a luscious creamy white gravy. There is mild pungent sweetness in the dish coming from the onions. The gravy is richer than a stew and is flavoured with several spices. Tempered with dry red chillies and makhana (fox nut). It’s a revelation. Mutton Begum Qorma, is a rich thick gravy of slow-cooked meat in brown onions, nuts, spices, yoghurt and aromatic essences like saffron and kewda (screw pine). Yoghurt gives a beautiful velvety base, ground brown onions give texture and gentle spices with nuts gives richness to this exceptional korma recipe. Topped with grated almonds for a nutty texture to your bite. Mutton Nawabi Chaanp, is prepared with mutton ribs (chops) with chunky succulent meat slow-cooked with the exotic spices with a delightful undertone of kewra water. All the mutton gravies can be enjoyed with Dosti Roti.

Time to move to desserts with Shahi Halwa. Semolina (suji) is continuously stirred over a low flame with clarified butter to give the creamy texture. Topped with nuts and edible silver this is indeed a royal affair. Finally, it was time for the Shahi Kheer. Creamy and aromatic rice kheer or Indian Rice Pudding is made with basic ingredients and is the quintessential Indian dessert that every Indian grows up eating. Flavoured with cardamom, nuts & rose water, topped with dried rose petals and edible silver foil. It’s the best way to finish off an Indian meal.

Pro Tip: Must try Mutton Awadhi Galawti Kabab with Ulta Tawa Paratha, Kalkatta Shahi Mutton Biryani, Kalkatta Nahari, Haleem and Shahi Halwa

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.