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Kolkata's Newest Rooftop Dining Joint, The Salt House, Is Perfect For Sunday Brunch

Raisa posted on 30 January


An open courtyard space, incredible view, minimal decor, sophisticated European food, Kolkata’s newest rooftop dining space, The Salt House, is perfect for Sunday brunch and date night.

Minimalism & Open Spaces

The Salt House is where you’re going to catch us at any time of the day. On the crossing of Theatre Road and Rawdon Street {at Shakespeare Point} you’ll find the newest rooftop hub of Kolkata.

The whole restaurant and bar is divided into three spaces: an open courtyard area which has a stage {for live performances!}, a lounge-bar with a DJ booth and a cafe area.

We absolutely love the open courtyard space — it is all about minimalism, dominated by shades of white and black, glass walls, chic lights and sophisticated seating, the space transforms from daytime cafe to an evening lounge.

Pinterest Perfect

The Salt House is straight out of Pinterest. There’s an entire wall dedicated to plants in earthen pots giving the outdoor space an open vibe. It looks like the perfect backdrop for Instagram pictures {you can take seriously beautiful pictures here}. The large ring lights hanging above the courtyard open space light it up at night. Everything is chic, black and grey tones with minimal extravagance.

The space works well for day to night. In the day, you can look out at the city and in the evening, it is lit by the stars and city lights. Brunch plans with the squad or date night in the evening, the open rooftop transforms its vibe to fit both moods.

Breakfast For Dinner

All day breakfast, eggs for dinner, pancakes for tea time, salad for brunch, the menu is perfect for dining through the day.

Love eggs? These guys know how to make a mean Eggs Benedict and an even better creamy cheesy truffle eggs {we love how truffle is drizzled on practically everything from truffle eggs to truffle oil in the pasta!}.

Good Ol' Classics

Their menu is limited but everything is tastefully done. Handmade pasta, sauces made from scratch in-house, wood-fired pizza {you can see your pizza being made in the oven}: all your classic favourites executed to perfection. If you like your share of Italian, the burnt butter gnocchi is a must-try.

With tons of healthy options {their salads are suspiciously good — we find it difficult to believe something that tastes so good can also be healthy!}, the food will still satisfy your belly and your soul.

Don't Count The Calories

End your meal on the sweetest note with their stunning, fresh and sinfully good desserts {this is the point in the meal when you stop counting the calories}. You have to try their hazelnut mousse {we definitely think is going to be a signature} and the doi and berries parfait.


Anything Else?

The chef, Auroni Mookerjee, has done his fair bit of writing for LBB Mumbai — he not only whips up fabulous food, but also has a way with words.

We’ve still got our fingers crossed that they’ll get a liquor license soon so we can devour their much-awaited cocktails.


They are only open for dinner until February 10, after which they will be open for lunch, and through the day.

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