Savour The Irresistible Bites From The New Menu Launch Of Roastery Coffee House

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What Makes It Awesome?

No wonder, this Hyderabad based coffee chain Roastery Coffee House owned by the talented Nishant Sinha have been able to accomplish the best coffee moments among the coffee fanatics through new exciting taste sensations of its magical hot and cold brew blends in the ‘City Of Joy’.

Also, to its masterpiece brews, an array of rich and indulgent treats awaits in their newly launched menu. Whether it is the peak of summers or chilly winters, there is nothing better than sitting on sipping your favourite handcrafted frothy beverage, crowned around with aesthetic charming decor and your coffee table dressed with decadent bites packed with flavours from the far West that are beyond your cheesiest wishes and best to warm up your next party.

My first day of the year bought cheers on a winter evening by sipping their signature yummilicious hot chocolate drizzled with cinnamon followed by plenty of flavorful bites.

In Frame-

Roastery Signature Cheesy Onion Rings -
When it comes to cheese, it's always my favourite appetizers ever. Cheese stuffed thick-cut onion rings with a crusty crunch. Simply irresistible. Served with spicy sauce and salad.

Cheesy Sticks -
No one can deny pulling the gooey melted cheese from these tempting pocket. Mozzarella sticks breaded and deep-fried, crisp outside and gooey in the middle. Served with crunchy leafy greens.

Spicy Chicken SouthWest Finger -
The terrific sweet and spicy blend of SouthWest taste imparts the robust flavour that is infused in the marinated deep-fried Julien cut juicy chicken. This is finger-licking good and will keep you craving for more. Served with finger chips, spicy sauce, salad.

Roastery Special Meatballs in Brandy White Sauce -
Luscious tender lamb meatballs slowly cooked and smothered in a creamy deeply flavorful brandy white sauce, a perfect accompaniment for every meat dishes. This roux-based hearty rich gravy having flour and butter pulls its flavours mostly from the meatballs bathed in the cream sauce. Served with toasted bread.

Cheesy Burrata Veg Pizza -
Pizza lovers, this will bring you to your knees. Burrata - the supreme, rich, creamy cheese that takes you one step further beyond Mozzarella. A great take on margarita pizza - simple pizza, studded with sweet tomatoes, roasted colourful sliced zucchinis, pungent garlic, shallots and fragrant basil. Served with a huge dollop of creamy burrata curd on the top. The fresh, creamy richness of burrata complements perfectly with the base tomato sauce and pizza toppings.

Bubble Waffles with Chocolate Syrup -
Tried this innovative bubble waffles for the first time. This spherical egg-based waffle, made in a special honeycomb mould imparts scrummy eggy custardy taste with crispy edges and soft, chewy bubbles. This latest irresistible fun waffle has its origin in Hong Kong crispy edges and soft, chewy 'bubbles'. Served with chocolate syrup.

Not to miss their cold beverage - Litchi Coffee.

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