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You Must Try These 5 Baos At The First Ever Bao Festival In Kolkata

Momo I Am

Gariahat, Kolkata

Baked Bao

The only baked bao on the festival menu comes with a stuffing of blanched veggies, and is flavoured with truffle oil. A thick mushroom soup is served on the sides along with black pepper sauce with this veg variant. This is only available at the Salt Lake outlet.
Pocket Pinch: INR 180.

Breakfast Bao

Bacon, fluffy eggs, lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes drizzled with a bit of BBQ sauce on top, you would wish you could have this Breakfast Bao for brekkie every single morning.
Pocket Pinch: INR 190.

Soi 56 Fish Bao 

The Soi 56 on the regular mains menu is a hit already. Taking inspiration from the same, the wok-tossed crispy fish with kaffir lime, lemongrass and a drop of plum sauce is the best thing you could expect inside the soft, steamed baos.
Pocket Pinch: INR 200.

Japanese Ham And Cheese Croquette Bao

If it doesn’t sound as tasty and interesting, take a bite to get the feel. Oozy cheddar inside the crispy-coated croquette with a good helping of ham is sure to warm you up this winter. This fusion bao comes with a drizzle of matcha mustard on top.
Pocket Pinch: INR 200.

Slow Cooker Pork Ribs Bao

If Momo I Am’s Sliced Pork Bao had floored you before, be ready to take your expectation one notch higher this time as they introduce this gem — Slow Cooker Pork Ribs Bao. Don’t fret about the rib part, the slow cooking makes sure not just the meat but even the rib so tender that it hardly gets noticed. Tossed with plum sauce is has slight sweet and stickiness.
Pocket Pinch: INR 200.

Anything Else?

Take A Bao festival is on till December 31 and the menu is only available at Momo I Am’s Golpark and Salt Lake outlets. These baos have a preparation time of around 15 minutes. Each portion of bao comes with two pieces. Don’t get tricked by the sizes as a portion of bao is pretty filling.
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Momo I Am

Gariahat, Kolkata