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We have Fallen In Love With This Open-Air Cafe On Robinson Street

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What Makes It Awesome

There's something really cosy about open-air places. And Scarlet, sitting inside Auris Hotel near Park Street, gives us a very amiable vibe.

It's the in-house cafe of Auris Hotel and you can enter the cafe through the hotel from the inside, or you can take the parking driveway, climb a few stairs and take any corner of the place, surrounded by greenery and plants. If you're going during winters, there won't be a better time to soak in the ambience of the place, when the sun is comforting you from a cold, misty morning.

The place has two different charms during the day and in the evening. Take the swinging chair and order your hookah, along with your appetisers such as a shrimp cocktail or a grilled pesto sandwich. We laid our hands on the wasabi chicken wrap to start our meal. Have the wrap with the wasabi mayo dip, to enjoy it to its optimum. What we will definitely ask you try is their Vietnamese Noodles with Minced Fish, which is a signature of theirs. It is spicier than the usual noodles and they will give you the Vietnamese rice noodles, garnished with exotic veggies and served with minced fish.

We had to try their nutella crepe for sweet treats, and every spoon that we took was overloaded with nutella, making the experience a complete sugar rush.


Scarlet also runs a bakery and patisserie and if you're not an outdoor person, you can sit inside from where they run the bakery. Banoffee, macarons, breads and their luxe pastries and tarts such as carrot cake, white chocolate mousse, lemon meringue tart and rainbow pastry are going to give you a hard time sticking to your diet plan.