Sip On Refreshing Coolers From Oudh 1590 To Beat The Heat

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The rise of mercury has taken a toll on all of us and in the midst of the heat, we definitely don't mind a chilled glass of soulful sharbat! There's nothing like traditional thick shakes on a summer day and Oudh 1590 has stepped up to offer a range of them - desi style. You can cool off with a Badam Sharbat - a beautiful blend of badam flavoured milk and ice cream, or a Doodh Gulab Sharbat (a colourful blend of rose flavoured milk and ice cream) which not only looks pretty in pink but also smells like a rose garden. One should not miss their newly introduced Shahi Aam Khas - no summer is complete without mangoes.

Prices start at INR 110.

All these will be available throughout the year and is a permanent part of the menu but we highly recommend you trying these in summer.