Head Out For An Evening With The Stars At The Planetarium

Debarati posted on 17 January


From colourful depictions of the night sky to vivid images of astronomical events and objects, a visit to the planetarium is a treat.

Cosmic Treasures

Founded in 1962, the Birla Planetarium is the first public planetarium in Asia and second in the Commonwealth. One of the most popular shows here is Cosmic Collisions — the story of the astronomical events which produced our moon and the habitable earth.

The museum is also worth a dekko — look out for the images of Comet Lovejoy {or C/2017E4} which was captured in April, 2017; the Tadpole Nebula or the new stars which came out of gas and dust and a structure of Soviet astronaut and first human to fly into outer space, Yuri Gagarin. Look up and you will see a depiction of the night sky.

Two of the most interesting things in the museum is a video on the asteroid which fell on earth and destroyed the dinosaurs and the image of the Pinwheel Galaxy which lies 27 million light years away from all of us.

A Mountain In The Solar System

You can head to the gallery once you are done taking a look at the museum. A really fun feature here is a space where you can measure your weight on every celestial body. You will even come across a structure of Olympus Mons, the biggest mountain in solar system.

Anything Else?

Seven programmes {in Hindi, English and Bengali} are conducted from Monday to Saturday, from 12:30pm till 6:30pm, with two extra shows on Sundays and holidays. The entry fee of the planetarium is INR 80 but they give a concession to students if they come in a group of 25. However, they have get a letter from school authorities in order to avail the discount.

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