Throwing An Epic Winter Party? Aunty Sima Delivers Kebabs Made With Heirloom Recipes



    Sima’s Kitchen Secrets is a home business that’s delivering authentic kebabs and biryani that will take your party to the next level.

    Abs < Kebabs

    Love kebabs and naan? Aunty Sima after cooking for her family, son {and his friends!} for 25 years has now started making the most delectable, melt-in-your mouth, delicious kebabs that you can get home delivered.

    This seasoned cook is all about hearty and home-y food. The kebab menu, the recipes from which have been passed down from her daadi, has traditional Mughlai food. They come from Faizabad {“Nawabon ka sheher” in Aunty’s words} so it’s all about an indulgent daawat.

    Apart from the usual shammi kebabs, she’s also rustling up kachcha keema ke kebab {minced meat prepared with spices and herbs and then deep fried} and murg balai {meat marinated overnight with cream, ginger and garlic – perfect to combat the nip in the air}. Her murg dhuwa kebabs are cooked on a charcoal fire. But Aunty Sima goes one step further and puts in a hot piece of charcoal while the chicken is marinating, giving it a really smoky flavor. These kebabs are a family favourite!

    Kebabs not enough? Biryani and paranthas are also on the menu.

    One Woman Army

    Not only does Aunty Sima cook all by herself, she carries out the entire operation almost completely single-handedly. From buying the ingredients to mixing the masalas {she insists that they have to be ground by hand; the mixer-grinder doesn’t cut it for this cook!} to cooking the meal and even sometimes delivering it herself {after prepping the meal, she takes a cab and hand-delivers the food!}, there’s nothing this superwoman doesn’t do.

    Aunty Sima picked up the tips and tricks of the trade from her own ammi and daadi.

    What’s Cooking?

    A little birdie tells us that they’re going to be doing kebab-biryani pop-ups this winter. Aunty Sima plans on opening up her living room {and terrace!} to a limited crowd so you can sit on her diwans and let her serve you biryani straight from the handi. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more details.

    Anything Else?

    You may want to brush up on your Hindi skills before picking up the phone. Between laughs and nostalgic stories, Aunty rattles off stories in fluent Urdu which you might find tough to keep up with. Also, don’t be surprised if she affectionately calls you beta about two minutes into the conversation {we adore her!}.

    Call her on +91 87775 90538 to place an order {you have to order at least 24 hours in advance}.