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Have You Been To These Skateboarding Classes At An Abandoned Warehouse?

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Did you know that Lake Gardens has an abandoned warehouse that has been transformed into a skateboard park of sorts? You can drop by after 5 pm to pick up flipping skills here.

What Makes It Awesome

It is a place you can go for an evening of skateboarding. This very cool, abandoned warehouse in Lake Gardens was transformed into a skateboarding space in 2013 by Americans Aaron and Deborah who were working in a city NGO. Initially the duo would skateboard across the city near Rabindra Sarobar and the Lake.

Soon they had a fan following of kids (some from disadvantaged backgrounds) who were curious to know what they were up to. Aaron and Deborah decided to teach these kids for free and while scouting about for a location, they chanced upon the current space from which they function. Following the footsteps of an NGO in Afghanistan called Skateistan {which used skateboarding as a tool for empowerment}, they ordered 12 skateboards along with gear and started teaching kids. The numbers have grown steadily over the last four years.Aaron and Deborah have gone back home but the scene continues to flourish. Since they left, it has been taken over by a new group which has classes every weekend.

What Could Be Better

Unfortunately they do not have the capacity to increase their number of students but you are welcome to drop by after 5 pm to skate (with your own equipment). Also who knows, slots may open up and you could join up to learn.

Pro Tip

Look out for workshop announcements on their Facebook page. They also welcome volunteers. First thing they’d have you know is that this is done purely out of the love for the kids; you do not need to be a skateboarder to be involved, neither will this get you any classes. However, if you can dedicate three to four days a month on Saturdays for a few hours to help these kids out, do fill out their internship form!

Don't have gear?  They have put up a very useful list on their Facebook page informing people where to get the best and most durable gear for skateboarding. They highly recommended Decathlon in Howrah. Also, the DC Shoe outlet in Quest Mall has some great boards imported from the US.

So get off your behind, and go master some ollies, grinds and fakies over the weekends or after work/college!